【Contest】“Love Nature” Video Contest

IBMBA & GHRM MBA Students Association held the video contest called “Love nature” from March 19th to April 30th, 2020. The whole idea behind this event was to encourage students to think and care more about the environment. It is known that NSYSU is located on a magnificent territory surrounded by mountains and the ocean and full of unique fauna. Thus, it is very important to strike a balance between human and nature. Being an university with global vision, NSYSU is very environmentally friendly and, also, is an active participant in the program Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where goal 15 is “Life on Land”. Therefore, IBMBA and GHRM MBA students in their videos shared their ideas on how to protect the unique nature and animals in the university, and also inspired others to think more about this global problem.

Three teams participated in the competition: “Gone with the Wind” team which included Le Ngoc Bich Thuy (李珊)and Truong Lam Huong (張藍香), “Ocean Innovation” team with Hua Yi, Tseng(曾華翊) and Liang Wei, Su(蘇良委), and “Tai-one in Nature” team with Justine Pura(傅佳璟). The participants were supposed to shoot the five minute videos that were published on the SA Facebook page. Next step was a voting period which lasted about a week. According to the rules, the video with the most amount of “likes” and “shares” would win.

Each team aims to bring important messages to us. The “Gone with the Wind” team aims to bring the message “give your hands to build it up as a better place for next students’ generation” ;“Ocean Innovation” team emphasized the ocean waste issue risen dramatically. According to recent research, 80% Sea Area contains marine waste, 100% discovery rate of micro-plastic in 51 measuring point. It’s time to TAKE ACTION. Any single action can gather a lot of great idea to solve our social problem. “Ocean Innovation” team welcome all comments and encourage everyone to be part of ocean innovation challenge; “Tai-one in Nature” team aims to attract everyone’s attention by its eye-catching video and remind us that it is our role as humans to love and protect our nature and to preserve plants and animals, and all assets of nature as we have been reminded since we were kids to conserve nature.

On April 30th, SA calculated likes and shares carefully then announced the result. “Tai-one in Nature” took the 1st prize, “Gone with the Wind” won the 2nd prize and “Ocean Innovation” got the 3d prize. Apart from that, “Gone with the Wind” also won a special Social Media Prize for getting the most amount of “views”.

All videos are available at our SA Facebook page via this link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SA.NSYSU.KAOHSIUNG/videos/?ref=page_internal

”Tai-one in Nature” took the 1st prize. From left Justine Pura and Dr. Sharon Wang of Interational program
“Gone with the Wind” won the 2nd prize. From left Truong Lam Huong, Le Ngoc Bich Thuy and Dr. Sharon Wang.
“Ocean Innovation” got the 3d prize. From leftHua Yi, Tseng and Dr. Sharon Wang.
Awards ceremony