【Conference】From Big Data to Big Business, CM hosts Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Business Application Conference to Share the Results of Industry-academy Cooperation

The College of Management, National Sun Yat-Sen University (CM, NSYSU) executed the Information Technology Software Academy(ITSA)  initiated by the Ministry of Education. On August 9, 2019, the CM, NSYSU, the Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) and the Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC) jointly hosted the “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Business Application Conference”. Despite the strong winds occurring in Kaohsiung City, the participants’ determination to attend the event was not wavered. The event attracted nearly 90 people. In addition to the professors and students, many business people also participated.

The conference invited Researcher Ding Fan(丁凡) of the CDRI to share “How Data Science Disrupts the Commercial World – The Commercialization Potential of Text Mining Technology (資料科學如何顛覆商業世界-文字探勘技術的商用化潛力)”.She pointed out that the key to the application of data science in business lies in whether INSIGHTS can be extracted from DATA through ANALYTICS and then transformed into ACTIONS, and through the application and demonstration of a large number of companies, a substantial and quantifiable amount of BUSINESS VALUES can be generated. She also mentioned that as a key tool in the era of big data, “text mining” can be applied in a wide range of applications such as political observation and election forecasting, hot social issue detection and prediction, market forecasting, emergency disaster notification and response coordination, and industrial competition. Finally, Ding also uses the 《Application of information science to assist overseas marketing STP analysis and decision support》 as a result case description, expecting the future business model to promote the introduction from big data to big business.

Pei-Wen Fu(傅佩雯), an industrial analyst at the Metal Industries Research and Development Center, talked about “As Renewable Energy Strikes, How does Taiwan Stand Firmly and Move Forward? Use Word Analysis Technology to Master Global Industry Pulses(綠能浪潮來襲,台灣如何站穩向前行? 用文字分析技術掌握全球產業脈動)”, and share the offshore wind energy project jointly implemented by MIRDC and CM, NSYSU. She pointed out that since offshore wind energy is an emerging industry in Taiwan, under the needs of the industry, it takes a broader perspective to observe and analyze. The Center also expressed that the development of this field is extremely lacking in talents, technology, vessels, and experiences. In the future, it is hope that through the role of the MIRDC and the text analysis technology of the CM, NSYSU, a dedicated database can be established.

In addition, Dr. Tony Chuo(卓雍然), an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Management, NSYSU and one of the founders of the Big-data Analytics Platform(BAP) at CM, NSYSU, shared the rich resources of the BAP in detail. In addition to micro programs information, the platform also pools public data, analytical tools, online courses, and students’ works and shared database. Dean San-Yih Hwang of CM, NSYSU also added that under the thriving data-driven business opportunities, local businesses were welcome to share data and cases with the courses offered by the school, allowing professors and students to jointly participate in discussions with business owners. In addition to strengthening industry-academy cooperation, existing data analysis can be used to further help businesses in addressing operational difficulties.

The College of Management has always had close cooperative relationships with companies in southern Taiwan. Besides continuing to maintain the cooperative relationship, the College will continue to organize business data-related activities, share experience in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and strengthen the promotion of application of information science and technology in the field of business management.