Written by IBMBA 105 student Sandy Chen / Edited by College of Management


On June 21st, College of Management hosted a meet and greet for returnees from the ESSCA Double Degree Program and the students who will be representing National Sun Yet-sen University for the upcoming school year. Students from Institute of Finance, Brad Shih and Rolla Shao were just back from Europe to NSYSU to share their precious experiences. During the hour-long session, Shih and Shao shared both tips and things they wished they had known before their departure. They also mentioned a lot of the worries they had had in Taiwan evaporated once they began their semester in Angers, France. ESSCA students and faculties have been working with NSYSU for years, and they looked after the Taiwanese students’ academic and social needs carefully.

管理學院國際事務中心日前舉辦中山與法國法國昂傑高等商學院(Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers, ESSCA)雙學位學程行前說明會,由兩位財管所學生石顓毓、邵啟容分享他們的寶貴經驗,希望提供即將要出發的學弟妹一些重要資訊可以提前準備,但他們補充,因為ESSCA與中山管院合作多年,無論是學生或職員都會盡力提供學業和生活上的協助,因此學弟妹無須過於擔心。

Shih and Shao mentioned the school goes over plenty during orientation days, ranging from opening a local French account, to housing insurance, and to class registrations. ESSCA also arranges student groups and buddy programs to help the international students ease into the school year. Overall they mentioned their year abroad was eye-opening and enjoyable. The classes, though may be difficult, were nevertheless rewarding and NSYSU students got the rare opportunity to work in an international classroom setting. The professors challenged traditional classroom thinking and really pushed them to think outside the box.



ESSCA Double Degree Program is the cooperation between NSYSU and ESSCA, a business school in France with 8 campuses in Angers, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Cholet, Bordeaux, Lyon, Budapest and Shanghai. The College of Management, NSYSU opens up for application yearly, and students get the chance to study in two campuses in Angers and Budapest for one semester respectively during a year.