【Alumni Association】College of Management Alumni Gala

On the evening of March 26, 2022, the College of Management’s Alumni Association held a 50-table alumni gala at the Hanshin Arena. Tien-Chou Sung, President of the 18th Alumni Association, hosted the party along with the presidents and officers from the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Information Management, the Department of Finance, the Department of Health Care Management, the Institute of Marketing Communication, the Institute of Human Resources Management, the Institute of Public Affairs Management, International Programs, and EMBA. The Spring Reception is an important annual tradition of the College of Management’s Alumni Association, but it has been canceled for the past two years due to the pandemic. With the pandemic slowing and precautions in place at the beginning of the year, the event was held with great enthusiasm. Nearly 600 alumni from various departments attended the event, and the chance for the alumni and faculty members to meet each other again was even more exciting and meaningful after such a long time. The banquet was accompanied by performances of classic Chinese and Western songs, and the guests and hosts all enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Main Table Group Photo

The evening was opened with speeches from the Dean of the College of Management, Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh; the President of the Alumni Association of National Sun Yat-sen University, Chiung-Hui Huang; and the President of the Alumni Association of the College of Management, Tien-Chou Sung. Other VIPs, including the heads of departments and associations such as the EMBA Student Association, National Sun Yat-sen University Women’s Association, and the Kaohsiung Sunshine Social Caring Association, as well as presidents of the departmental alumni associations, were also invited to the stage to congratulate the alumni of the College.

In her speech, Dean Yeh said that the Chinese New Year gathering for alumni of the College of Management has always been an annual event, and this year’s event was even bigger. She expressed gratitude to the president for his call to bring together the faculty and alumni from all departments and programs, once again showing the spirit of the NSYSU family. She also especially thanked the alumni associations of the departments, institutes, and programs for their active participation, making alumni the most important asset and support force of the College.

As another highlight of the evening, the prizes of the Dean’s Cup Golf Tournament held that morning were also presented by Dean Yeh, President Sung, and the sponsor, CEO Hsin-Hsiung Chang, from the second class of the Post-EMBA program.

Dean’s Cup Golf Tournament Awards

The presidents and representatives of various departments, institutes, and programs also came to the stage to give their New Year’s greetings, reinvigorating the alumni’s team spirit.

Dean’s Cup Golf Tournament Awards

Lastly, a medley of happy sounds ended the evening with laughter. We hope that the event helped everyone get 2022 off to a great start and will leave a lasting memory for College of Management alumni.

More pictures of the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/p8CDpLCB2hySy4Ns7

National Sun Yat-sen University College of Management Alumni Association – Dean’s Cup Golf Tournament Winners

Award Award Recipients
First place Team APCSE16 Team : Tui Lien, Cheng-Chuan Li,
Chung-Tsun Huang, Che-Wei Chung
Second Place Team E9 Team : Po-Hung Lin, Jen-Chien Liu,
Hsueh-Yun Lo, Chi-Sheng Hung
Third Place Team E20 Team: Kuang-Chun Yen,
Hsiung-Chin Liang, Kuo-Chieh Tseng,
Yung-Hsiung Shih
Senior Gross Champion I4 Chih-Hsiang Chen
Gross Champion E20 Kuang-Chun Yen
Women’s Net Champion E19 Hsiu-Fen Huang
Net Champion E16 Meng-Hsien Wu
Net Second Place E10 Shih-Chieh Yang
Net Third Place E3 Tsai-Yuan Chen
Fourth Place E9 Chi-Sheng Hung
Fifth Place E22 Chien-Hsiang Li
Presidential Award E24 Yao-Ming Shih
Lucky 7 E23 Nan-Wei Ni, E24 Po-Chang Chen,
E21 Chih-Hung Lin,
E24 Ching-Ting Chang Chien,
E17 Chun-Han Wu, E16 Che-Wei Chung,
E23 Hsin-Chao Wang, E23 Po-Lun Chu,
E19 Yung-Cheng Li, AP108 Kuo-Chen Huang
Longest Driver Award E18 Min-Hung Liang, E16 Che-Wei Chung
Closest to Pin Award E20 Kuo-Chieh Tseng,
Institute of Health Care Management,
Chia-Chi Yen,
E16 Meng-Hsien Wu,
E17 Bing-Xian Song

List of Alumni Association Presidents of National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management

Alumni Association of the College of Management
Departmental Alumni Association Presidents
College of ManagementTien-Chou Sung
Department of Business ManagementI-Chun Chen
International ProgramsChao-Ling Pao
Institute of Health Care ManagementPo-Chun Li
Department of FinanceHsueh-Chih Li
Department of Information ManagementFu-Chuan Shih
Institute of Human Resource ManagementChuan Lin
Institute of Marketing CommunicationWei-Yu Li
Institute of Public Affairs ManagementHsu-Chung Chang
EMBALun-Hao Kuo
Department of Business Management Group Photo
Institute of Health Care Management Group Photo
Department of Information Management Group Photo
Department of Finance Group Photo
Institute of Public Affairs Management Group Photo
Institute of Human Resource Management Group Photo
Institute of Marketing Communication Group Photo
International Programs Group Photo
EMBA Group Photo