【Intern Experiences】GHRM MBA Alumna Barbara Yang Shares Her Internship Experience At International Relations, College Of Management, NSYSU

Internships offer students hands-on experience and are an excellent way of prepping them for the outside world. Many GHRM MBA and IBMBA students have completed their internships at various prestigious companies all across Taiwan. Today, we share the internship experience of GHRM MBA alumna Barbara Yang who did her internship at International Relations, College of Management, NSYSU.

Barbara is from Kaohsiung, and during her bachelor’s, she studied Medical Sociology and Social Work. After her graduation, she worked as a Project Management Co-Ordinator for the city government. However, after one year of working, Barbara soon realized that this field of work wasn’t for her. As a result, she decided to apply for GHRM MBA with the hope of switching her professional field. Barbara did her internship at International Relations, College of Management, NSYSU. As for the responsibilities of the department, Barbara shares:

“This unit is basically taking charge of the international programs, such as GHRM MBA and IBMBA, many affairs related to the international students, and the activities regarding English learning for the students of College of Management.”

After completing the ESSCA Dual Degree Program in Europe, it was mandatory to undergo a 4-month internship. Barbara thought it would be fruitful to get some practical experience to cultivate her professional skills before entering the real market. Around that time, the International Relations department was looking for an intern. Since Barbara had already worked with the office several times before, her boss notified her of this opportunity. Barbara characterizes the work culture during her internship as ‘respectful,’ ‘trustworthy,’ and ‘flexible.’ In her words:

“The main task of the internship was to hold 6 Business English Writing Speeches. I was responsible for leading an undergraduate student to organize every detail of speeches, including deciding the speech topics, contacting the lecturers, analysing the target participants and reviewing the feedback, etc. The office was quite respectful of any of our ideas, we could offer creative and innovative concepts into the speeches, and we could try to communicate with the lecturers to add more interesting or attractive things. So basically, we worked independently with trust and flexibility, which made me feel very good because I could bring my skills and thoughts into full play, and get appropriate support meanwhile.”

However, her internship experience wasn’t all smooth sailing for Barbara. At times situations of conflict arose due to differing opinions and standards. Barbara was well-versed in writing content such as news articles; however, in one scenario, the first edition created by the undergraduate student didn’t meet her expectations. As Barbara had taken her under her wing and was responsible for mentoring her, Barbara had to carefully deliver constructive criticism without hurting the undergrad students’ feelings. However, she overcame this obstacle by complimenting the undergraduate student whenever she did a good job and also informing her of the standards and requirements whenever required. By guiding her step by step, Barbara and the undergraduate student were able to work well together and maintained a cordial relationship. Barbara remarks that she was delighted at their relationship as well as the undergraduate student’s positive growth.

Her internship experience was full of wonderful memories, but if she had to highlight one, Barbara says it was the opportunity of meeting the leaders of major companies and the brilliant workers from various markets and industries. During her internship, Barbara even had the chance to meet “the acquisition lead of ASML, the business intelligence manager of SHOPEE and the outstanding alumnus who devotes himself to the Taiwanese market.”

Questioned about the most valuable skill she acquired through the internship; Barbara says it was the ‘marketing skills. Even though it was a daunting task, Barbara was eventually able to achieve the goals. Lastly, Barbara also has some wonderful advice for students who are interested in doing internships in Taiwan. She shares:

“Take on the challenges and never be afraid to get busy!” This is what I would deliver to whoever wants to do an internship. I was always enjoying the business I had during being a student. The internship made me feel energetic to apply my expertise to the practical field. Though it’s a cliché, I still want to say that it’s the only period that allows you to make mistakes and train yourself to be more competitive. So, seize the opportunities and challenge yourself!”

GHRM MBA is delighted to know that Barbara Yang’s internship experience was so fruitful and valuable. GHRM MBA is sure Barbara Yang will do exceptionally well in whatever field she chooses to foray into.