【CM】Century-old shop with a young heart, Jiu Zhen Nan Pastry join hands with College of Management, NSYSU to implement social responsibility initiatives

In 2020, the College of Management, National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), and the century-old Jiu Zhen Nan (JZN) Food Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding to launch a CSR & USR cooperation project aimed at promoting talent cultivation and creating local opportunities. The project covers the initiation of local livelihood projects in Daliao District and the collaboration on the “Business Management Internship” course to thoroughly implement social responsibilities from the two aspects of community development and nurturing student talents.

Over the recent years, JZN Pastry, a century-old Han pastry house, has successively won the “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Citizenship Little Giant Rookie Award”, the “Global Views CSR Annual Survey Traditional Industry Group SME Special Award”, and the “PwC CSR Impact Award “. From the carbon footprint certification of its products, the LEED gold certification of the headquarters building, and other forms of recognition, it can be seen that under the leadership of Chairman Eric Lee, JZN’s dedication and efforts to social responsibility are tremendous. Although JZN has won numerous awards, Chairman Lee still believes that CSR’s effort can only be multiplied when combined with the effort of USR of excellent universities, amplifying the scope and strength of social responsibility initiatives.

CSR teams up with USR to create new opportunities for Daliao District

When talking about the opportunity to collaborate with NSYSU, Chairman Lee did not forget to mention his gratitude for his alma mater’s cultivation. “The collaboration between enterprises and universities is a form of innovation and also a form of paying it forward”. He believes that universities are treasure troves of knowledge and mentors for business management. Enterprises can also obtain an endless source of innovation impetus from young scholars and students. He also called on enterprises to join forces with USR to create more opportunities for interaction among enterprises, the community, and the society, while giving back to the community and the society. College of Management, NSYSU, JZN Pastry, and Daliao District Office have jointly promoted the local livelihood project. In mid-October, they organized a vision action workshop to compile innovation opportunities available in Daliao District with residents and sort out the district’s demands, such as E-commerce platforms that carry local agricultural products, in-depth tourism, and others.

Chairman Lee pointed out that both the JZN corporate headquarters and the JZN Han Pastry Cultural Center have been around in Daliao District for a long time. Naturally, he would want to launch more social responsibility initiatives in Daliao District. Through collaborating with the College of Management, NSYSU, we could take an in-depth inventory of Daliao’s DNA and combine various resources to help the district prosper and thrive, attracting young talents back to the district. “This is a long-term commitment. It requires doing a pragmatic inventory to figure out and meet local needs accurately,” said Chairman Lee. As for the positioning of JZN in the social responsibility initiatives, Chairman Lee said JZN would not only provide workforce, material resources, and financial resources, but he was also ready to step forward and assist the integration of other local businesses in the initiatives. “The more people participate, the greater and more lasting the result,” he commended. For the cultivation of JZN employees’ social responsibility, in addition to educational training and setting an example to stay grateful and know how to give, JZN also allows employees to enjoy “volunteer service leave”, allowing employees to take official business leave for voluntary participation in volunteer activities.

Encourage youths to innovate and make fair use of talent resources and internship opportunities to create a win-win situation

Chairman Lee recently received an honorary doctorate degree from National Sun Yat-sen University, and he has also won the honor of outstanding alumni. Besides his successful business operation, he has also spared no effort in giving back to his alma mater, which includes the cultivation and promotion of younger fellow students and the provision of scholarships. Beginning this year, JZN also launched a talent cultivation program with the College of Management, which offers internship opportunities through the “Business Management Internship” course. Students can earn school credits through practical learning. “In fact, companies are also offered the opportunity to recruit talents in the process of providing internship opportunities to the students,” said Chairman Lee. He further pointed out that for companies to sustain business operations, the people they employ will get younger. Through providing internship opportunities, companies get to gain an insight into the minds of the young people while letting young students learn about corporate culture, which is a win-win situation that facilitates both parties’ development.

Chairman Lee also specifically talked about CQ (Cultural Intelligence). He believes that C in CQ can be culture or communication. Whether he is creating opportunities for the district or providing internship opportunities, Chairman Lee attaches great importance to interaction with young people. “JZN Pastry is a 131-year-old store, but the average age of our employees is 33. I always like to take the initiative to understand and explore young people’s minds, learning their ideas and gaining the motivation to innovate, which often turns into the elemental drive for the company’s development,” he concluded.