Yat-sen Management Research Award Application(till 9/1)

Time: Please submit the files before 5 pm, September 1st for further processes.
Coordinator: Ms. Chuang. Ext. #4526
Short briefing:

  1. Rewarding Journal Publications: To reward College faculty who have published in internationally top-tier journals (as listed in Appendix 1).
  2. Recipients: Faculty must be full-time affiliated with the College at the time of application and receipt of award. Jointly appointed faculty must follow the university’s ‘Standards for Faculty with Joint Appointments’ and be either mainly appointed by the College or must serve as his/her main affiliation. Authors with two or more joint appointments shall be considered first if National Sun Yat-sen University is listed as his/her primary affiliation in the publication.
  3. Reward Amount and Standard: First and corresponding authors will be awarded NTD $400,000 for each journal publication. Authors who are not listed as the first or corresponding authors will be awarded NTD $200,000. Each journal publication can only receive support once. In the case that two or more faculty of our college co-author a manuscript, only one faculty will receive the award. Awarded manuscripts must already be circulated and published under the name of National Sun Yat-sen University.
  4. Process of Selection: At the end of each September, the Dean’s Office will total the number of publications from the previous year (and include specifications of the journal, volume and page numbers) that fulfill the reward requirements.
  5. The awardee will also be awarded with a ‘Yat-sen Management Research Award’ plaque. Awardee shall make public and share research findings.