【CM】Creating a world-class conference space, Lasertek International Conference Hall of EMBA Center is completed

After years of construction, the “Lasertek International Conference Hall” (hereinafter referred to as Lasertek Hall) of EMBA Center, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) was officially completed on March 24, 2020. The Lasertek Hall was named after the Lasertek company. The Lasertek chairman Tsai-Hsing Cheng who is also NSYSU EMBA alumnus and his company had donated a total of NT$ 6 million for the renovation. After the unveiling ceremony, Cheng convened a board meeting which was attended by the board members, supervisor, and remuneration committee members from the Lasertek Company at the Lasertek Hall. They were all very proud of the completion of the Lasertek Hall.

During the unveiling ceremony, many guests, including President Ying-Yao Cheng, NSYSU, Dean San-Yih Hwang, College of Management, Deputy Dean Jui-Kun Kuo, Deputy Dean Shu-Chuan Yeh, Professor Ting-Peng Liang, Department of Information Management, Director Chun-Tuan Chang, Department of Business Management, Retired Professor De-Ming Liu, Department of Finance, and College of Management Alumni Association President Lung-yin Hsieh(EMBA-16), Secretary-General Chun-lung Wang (EMBA-16), and alumnus Lai-Fu Huang(EMBA-3), attended and offered their congratulations in person.

Tsai-Hsing Cheng was extremely excited about the completion of the Lasertek Hall. He arrived way early before the unveiling ceremony. He frequently looked around the space and facilities of the conference hall and highly applauded it. Cheng also invited his mother and sister to attend this important event. Chairman Cheng and his mother both accepted the token of appreciation from Dean San-Yih Hwang. His mother’s face was brimming with pride, filling the ceremony with warmth.

Dean San-Yih Hwang shared the renovation process since the College taking over the 11th floor of library in 2015. It has gone through repair work for top floor leakage, collapsed ceiling due to Typhoon Meranti, tendering for the design contract of the EMBA Center and due to limited funding, the construction of the classrooms on the north side was prioritized, etc. Than by the end of 2017, the design of the Lasertek Hall was completed. In March 2020, the construction was finally completed. Dean Hwang particularly appreciated the help of Chairman Cheng and alumni who donated the stereo equipment and furniture, and staff who participated in the renovation process from start to finish. “It was through a collective effort that we were able to create such a world-class international conference hall,” said Dean Hwang.

President Ying-Yao Cheng also pointed out that all NSYSU alumni had been committed to improving their alma mater, which was evident to all, regardless of the college and department, he was very grateful for every effort. He also mentioned his relationship with Chairman Tsai-Hsing Cheng. Besides sharing the same surname, they both have deep connection with NSYSU. President Cheng commented, “We even share the same birthday, which means he and I will keep working to make the school better”, which provoked a roar of laughter among the audience.

In the NSYSU EMBA Center, the “Doctoral Hsieh Conference Room” donated by Chairman Chin-Nan Hsieh (EMBA-2), Lung Ching Steel Enterprise, the ” Jong Shyn Conference Room” donated by Vice Chairman Yu-Lin Han (EMBA-8), Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Company, and the “Tian Yung Lounge” donated by Vice Chairman Te-Sheng Chang (EMBA-1), Yung Chi Paint & Varnish Manufacturing Company, and the “Lasertek International Conference Hall” and several seminar rooms are primarily for use by the EMBA lectures and the College of Management, upgrading the learning environment for the faculty at students at the College of Management.