【Student】A Night to Remember: The NSYSU International Programs Graduation Party

June 1, 2019 – After two years of hard work and fun, the students of the international programs have finally reaped the fruits of their labor. From Chateau de Chine Hotel, the event’s venue, the participants have travelled back to the Old Shanghai Times. The graduates of the International Business MBA (IBMBA) and Global Human Resource Management MBA (GHRM MBA) together with their family members celebrated their success while being reunited with their ‘long-time-no-see’ friends and classmates. Also present in the event were the directors, professors, program alumni, and staff from the International Programs and College of Management. The participants were not just able to enjoy a delicious feast, they were also able to enjoy the activities prepared for them.

The program was hosted by 1st year GHRM students, Remco Peters and Barbara Yang. They welcomed everyone who was present in the party and briefly told them what to expect for that exciting night. Dr. Sharon Wang, the new Director for both of the international programs gave an opening speech for the graduates’ special day. Director Wang provided some tips on what to do next after getting their MBA degrees. She encouraged everyone to always come back, share stories, and visit the university whenever they have free time.

Lovely performances and exciting activities followed after the director’s speech. Zhanna Samodurova, a first year GHRM student, serenaded the guests with a beautiful Russian song.

Participants got hyped up with the first activity: “Who’s Faster”. The graduates were grouped into six teams. Each team must hand over the items they were asked to bring on a short amount of time. After the teams accomplished the main goal, they must shout “我畢業了”(wǒ bì yè le), to inform everyone that they were finished. It is not an easy challenge, as the teams must be able to persuade non-participants to help them achieve their goal. Towards the end of activity, only one team emerged victorious. Team 6 was able to bring home the bacon.

It was also a big moment for the graduates as they were able to proudly wear again their graduation gowns for the tassel turning. This activity symbolized the end of their MBA journey in the university. To enlighten this activity, IBMBA graduate Maerki Valentin Moritz and GHRM graduate Maya Achyldurdyyeva delivered their speeches to their respective batchmates, both recalling their journeys in achieving their degrees, and encouraging everyone to give their very best after they all part ways. It is not the end for them, but rather the beginning of a new chapter of their lives.

To make the night more memorable, the tassel turning ceremony was spearheaded by Director Sharon Wang and Deputy Director Thijs Velema, giving their personal congratulations to all who graduated.

As soon as the tassel turning was concluded, the graduates were given the chance to win exciting prizes such as Family Mart vouchers, NSYSU shirt and backpack, and a XiaoMi Bluetooth speaker! Lucky winners were called randomly, and for the three major prizes, the chosen ones had to participate on a special activity before claiming their goods. Ryznar Michal, a GHRM graduate, got the XiaoMi speaker after his face got smudged in cake icing!

To conclude, a video from their classmates and professors were showed to give a good luck message to every graduate on one of their most memorable days. Thanks to the organizing team and the College of Management, the evening was filled with joy.

It was a night full of smiles and laughter, therefore, it’s a night that will be truly be remembered. If in case the graduates would forget this night, there can always look back to the memorable pictures they had in the photo booths.

The NSYSU International Programs Graduation Party
The NSYSU International Programs Graduation Party
The NSYSU International Programs Graduation Party
The NSYSU International Programs Graduation Party