【Interview】GHRM MBA Alumna:Linda Lin

2019-04-29/GHRM MBA

Dear Friends, our former President of International Programs Student Association and now already GHRM English MBA Program alumna Ms. Linda has kindly gave us an interview about her background and experience of being part of GHRM Program.

Linda is from Taipei and has studied International Business for her bachelor’s degree. She is very much into traveling, language learning (now can speak and listen for daily life in Thai language). While looking for the opportunities of gaining dual degrees, Linda found that GHRM is the program that provides two different fields of dual degrees, that is, Human Resource Management and International Business.

As mentioned, during her studies, Linda was part of the Student Association of International Programs. Together with the Student Association team, they have held activities like company field trips, keynote speech, alumni gatherings. Linda suggests that to be a graduate student is more challenging, as “You get to know yourself more. Being a graduate student suggest that we have to be more independent and look for answers instead of simply asking questions. It’s probably not fun, but you surely learn from challenges” explains Linda. The most interesting subject for Linda was “IT human resource management” instructed by Professor Chi: “The course was splendid, you get to meet professionals from big companies and get to learn their practices. They were not shy to share their experience, and professor has taught some real life assessment methods, and I still keep the course handout!” says Linda 😊

Linda has just graduated and is now looking for work, she says that having dual degree from NSYSU and NTU gives her better chances and makes her more competitive on a job market: “I have get some interview opportunities that I couldn’t imagine getting if I don’t have this diploma. Interviewers are also curious about my dual degree program, and that has helped with opening and talk about who I am, how I work, and what kind of person I am.”

For future GHRM English MBA Program students, Linda’s advice will be: “Be independent and put as much effort as possible. You enrolled into the program, that means you’re qualified as a postgraduate student. Think before you act, act before comments made. Apart from that, I would recommend students to have an internship throughout the study in order to gain more practical experience.”

We wish Linda every success in her career path and thank her for the interview.

GHRM MBA alumna Linda Lin(3rd from left)
GHRM MBA alumna Linda Lin(5th from left)