【Interview】ACT Global Program:Amanda Huang(IBMBA)

Amanda Huang, class 101 of IBMBA National Sun Yat-Sen University, currently works in the products planning and development of IOT in Inventec. She indicated that the experiences she had in ACT Global Program helps her in both communicating with different departments and consulting projects with foreign clients. Here are the contents that Amanda shared with us:

1.The remarkable things in terms of academic aspects during ACT program

For me, two courses impressed me the most: Innovation and Entrepreneurship during Taiwan module and Business Consulting in Austria module. In the courses of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we team needed to discuss a project regarding customized bouquet with local Kaohsiung flower shop, then came up with a business proposal to solve their needs. Being able to participate in the development of Taiwanese companies was a great experience for me.

Consulting courses in Austria module enriched me a lot as well. During the courses, the whole class visited different companies, then we were assigned to an Austrian listed company which was specialized in hydropower, and we started the consulting project for 2 to 3 months. The main target of our project was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Kazakh hydropower and water resources in Central Asia, and we needed to complete a business proposal to our company as a final report. Overall, I learned a lot during the process, and I had a deep and profound understanding of the industry of hydropower.

2.The unforgettable experiences in terms of cultural aspects during ACT program

The cultural experiences impressed me the most when we were discussing projects with our teammates. In the beginning, conflicts appeared when we were communicating and exchanging ideas, but I also realized the differences in terms of cultural aspects. For instance, Canadians are eager to express their ideas in a more direct way. Austrians, in personality aspects, are more similar to Taiwanese, since they are considerate and humble. Although we had some augments in the beginning of the program, we always reconciled very soon, and I think this is also a process of learning to us.

3.What are the challenges or difficulties you encountered during ACT program

The intensity of schoolwork was the major challenge for me, since I am not an English native speaker, I needed to put huge efforts to sharpen my presentation skills and essay writing. Another challenge was that we were constantly relocating due to the characteristics of ACT Global Program, it’s difficult to arrange time for group discussion.

4.What are your self-improvements after ACT program

ACT Global Program specified the importance of leadership, so I found myself strengthened pretty much in that field. Other than that, because of the consulting courses in Austria, we had to read and search a great amount of data by our own, and actively study professional knowledge from various width and depth so that we could have in-depth understanding of certain industry. Therefore, the ability to conduct reports and projects was improved.

5.How does the experience of ACT program assist you in your current occupation

The experiences of ACT Global Program actually helps me a lot. Currently I’m working in Inventec, and I’m in charge of the department of product planning and development of Internet of Things. As a result, I always face different departments and clients for work, and I need to fly abroad for foreign meetings. When I’m communicating with clients from all around the world with distinct cultural backgrounds, having the experiences of ACT program really assists me to have proficient interaction with others, and it also minimize the cultural shocks for me.

6.How would you advise students who look forward to joining ACT program

First things first, prepare your English ability, especially oral expression, since you need to constantly express your opinions throughout the program, both class-wise and life-wise. Additionally, be considerate to others, because although it’s a global village in the modern world, cultural differences still exist. When you confront with conflicts in communication, I would suggest that you can talk directly to foreigners with steady attitude and tactful tone. Try to convince others with your logics, and find out the points that others are insisting on.