【Interview】GHRM MBA 103 Alumni: Prasanthi Yepuru

Dear Friends,
Ms. Prasanthi Yepuru – GHRM alumna, who is originally from India is sharing her experience.
Prasanthi has obtained her master’s degree in India with major in Computer Applications and worked as a software engineer for 8 months in India, as well as an English and computer teacher. After she got married, her family started a restaurant in Bangalore, India and faced lot of problems while running the business.

Prasanthi came to Taiwan with her husband and thanks to Professor Uen, they got to know about the GHRM MBA Program. Later, she decided to join the program for her second master’s. She enjoyed her time at NSYSU, she worked as a teaching assistant for many courses and also joined field trips to companies. She has also worked as a program promotor for GHRM MBA – you can see her on many of the posters 😊.

“Organizational Theory (OT) and Research Methods I (RM) were my favorite classes. OT was taught by Professor Uen, it was a great and detailed. He used to teach based on true cases in the organizations. RM, taught by Professor Chi, was awesome. I like it very much. He teaches very neat and clear. He clears all the doubts in person.” – says Prasanthi.

Prasanthi liked the international atmosphere at NSYSU: “When we were studying GHRM, HRM, Asia Pacific, all together we stayed at the same lab. That was the most enjoyable part for me. We studied together, celebrated some of the events together. We still keep in touch. Judy and Grace (Mu-Hsing Hsu), our classmates, Cindy, and Professor Uen all helped me a lot to go smoothly through my studies and overcome any difficulties”.

Now Prasanthi is still at NSYSU, she is doing PhD in Management of Information Systems. And she encourages newcomers to invest time into learning Chinese as much as possible, as it makes life easier and helps to understand culture and be more integrated into social life both at University and off-campus life.

We thank Prasanthi for sharing her experience and with her success in her PhD studies.

Prasanthi Yepuru(right) with her husband
Prasanthi Yepuru(second from right) with classmates