【IBBA】Welcoming the 2023 IBBA Cohort: A Fresh Beginning for Local Students

On the afternoon of August 29th, a meaningful event was held for local new members of the IBBA family. After students finished enjoying flavorful lunch boxes, the hostess of the orientation, Katherine Chen (陳皓榆; IBBA Sophomore), started a series of activities to welcome these new faces.

First of all, Katherine invited Prof. Lee (the Director of International Programs) to open the event. With clear enthusiasm, she welcomed the new students to the IBBA family. More than just introducing them to the IBBA program, Prof. Lee urged them to harness the vast resources NSYSU offers. She expressed her steadfast belief that under NSYSU’s guidance, these students are ready to shine brightly.

Next, Katherine clearly explained the regulations of the IBBA’s curriculum and shared some experiences in her freshman year. For students enrolling in school year 112, the rule of English course exemption changed slightly. Different from the regulations of students enrolling in school year 111, the latest entrants can only be exempted from general English, leaving the EAP/ESP courses mandatory.

Wrapping up her segment, Katherine listed three elements that can make college life more colorful to encourage them: learning diligently, sticking to yourself, and embracing challenges. She is convinced that all of them can create the college life they desire, living fulfilling and joyful.

Then, it was Jamie Chiu’s turn, the mentor for the international mobile program of IBBA. She introduced herself briefly and welcomed everyone to ask or discuss anything about dual degrees or exchange programs with her. Plus, Jamie played a quiz game with the freshmen to check how much they realized about the campus after listening to the speech in the morning, and groups winning first place and second place would receive some tasty snacks.

After a short break, Sheena Huang (黃容歆; IBBA Sophomore) designed some ice-breaking activities to warm the atmosphere between these youthful students. In order to increase their interactions, Sheena divided students into 5 teams. The first activity was “Two Truths and One Lie”. Each team had 5 minutes to list three things: two of them are truths that they have in common, while the other is a lie. The rest needed to point out that lie, and the team making the correct guess could get one point.

The subsequent activity was “Sheena Says.” The fastest team meeting Sheena’s instructions could earn a point. Every team worked very hard to compete for first prize, making the atmosphere much more exciting than before. After these two interesting activities, the team that obtained the most points got some sweets selected by Sheena.

Last but not least, there was a Scavenger Hunt. In the game, each team had to answer 10 questions about NSYSU, and the faster the team answered the questions, the more points it earned. As a result, collaboration played a crucial role in the process. One team member used a smartphone to answer questions, while the others searched for information as quickly as possible. At the end of the game, the victorious team was awarded gift cards as a reward for their efforts.

As the final echoes of laughter settled, the orientation came to its close. The room, once filled with strangers, now buzzed with the promise of new friendships and memories. As these students step into their journey at NSYSU, they carry with them the hopes of a vibrant future.