【College of Management】2023 “Charming College of Management” Short video Competition

What is the most impressive thing about Sun Yat-sen College of Management? Walking on campus 🏫, the red brick corridors, the distant view of mountains and the sea 🌊, the professors, and classmates… Or the activities such as the Freshman Core Training Camp, Sports Day, departmental camps, USR activities, English Learning Corner, SDGs Proposal Competition, international exchange resources… Does everything about the College paint a vivid picture in your mind?

Why not participate in the 2023 “Charming College of Management” Short video Competition! Present the images in your mind through short videos and even have a chance to win big! 💪

This competition, with the theme “Charm College of Management,” invites you to freely unleash your creativity. Through your own observations, use short videos to showcase the College as you see it, conveying its youthful vitality, international perspective, social influence, and solid academic foundation.

🏆 Award Prizes
The judging panel will select winners in the below.
🏅 First Prize (1 winner): NT$15,000 cash prize and a certificate
🏅 Second Prize (1 winner): NT$8,000 cash prize and a certificate
🏅 Third Prize (1 winner): NT$5,000 cash prize and a certificate
🏅 Honorable Mention (3 winners): NT$2,000 cash prize and a certificate
🏅 Internet Popularity Award (1 winner): NT$3,000

⌚ Submission Period: October 30, 2023 (Monday) – November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) by 5:00 PM
⌚ Preliminary Selection Announcement: November 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
⌚ Online Popularity Vote Period: November 29, 2023 (Wednesday) – December 13, 2023 (Wednesday) by 5:00 PM
⌚ Winners Announcement: December 19, 2023
⌚ Award Ceremony: December (Exact date and location will be announced separately)

🙆 Eligibility for Participation
✔️ Open to students of National Sun Yat-sen University College of Management, including undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, EMBA, and students of all nationalities.
✔️ There is no limit on the number of participants in a team; teams can be formed freely.
✔️ Cross-departmental and cross-disciplinary teams are also welcome. However, at least half of the team members must be students of the College of Management.
✔️ If participating as a group, please designate a team leader as a representative. The team leader will be responsible for liaising with the organizing committee and handling matters such as prize collection.

📩 Registration/Submission Process
📌 Online registration will be available through a Google Form during application period open for submission. Please fill in your personal information.
📌 Please provide a title for your video and a brief description of the concept (within 300 words).
📌 Required submission materials in the registration form:
(1) Upload your work to YouTube (please ensure permissions are set to public and provide a download link in the registration form).
(2) Upload a cover preview image with dimensions of 1280x720px (landscape).
(3) Consent form for the use of the subject’s portrait rights, participant’s declaration of intellectual property rights, and authorization letter、Explanation Table of the Source of Creative Materials for Contest Video Entries.

🎬 Video Specifications
📌 Duration: 15 to 59 seconds (including the intro and outro; must not be less than 15 seconds or exceed 59 seconds, and the duration on YouTube Shorts will be the primary reference).
📌 Format: Open, no restrictions on genre or style (e.g., narrative, animation, advertisement, interview, monologue, documentary, etc.).
📌 Filming Method: No restrictions, can be shot with a mobile phone, digital camera, or video camera.
📌 If the submission contains dialogue, Chinese subtitles are required (English subtitles are encouraged if available).
📌 After completion, upload the video to YouTube Shorts, set the visibility to “unlisted” (accessible to anyone with the link), and allow “sharing” and “embedding.” Consent to the organizer collecting the submitted work for display on the organizer’s official page/channel, etc.
📌 Video Format: HD resolution or higher, submitted in MP4 or MOV file format.
📌 To ensure fair competition, the video must not contain personal information of the participant or team members (e.g., names, grades, etc.).
📌 Works selected for the preliminary round should be set to “public” on YouTube Shorts and made available for sharing and promotion by the organizer.
📌 Participants must retain the high-resolution original files in MP4 or MOV format. Winners must provide the original video files.

🔎 For detailed event rules, please refer to the attached document “2023 Charming College of Management” Short Video Competition Rules.”👇

*These regulations were drafted in Chinese and translated into English. If there are any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the English and the Chinese version, the Chinese version will prevail.