【Student Association of International Programs】《111-1》Learning beyond borders: Fu-Cheng High School Culture Sharing

In this modern world, intercultural knowledge and sharing are more important than ever. As international students, we are always happy to share what we know and what we can give to younger generations. In October 2022, three NSYSU international students from GHRM MBA and IBMBA accepted the invitation from Fu-Cheng High School to come over for two sessions, meet with some of the students, introduce their cultures, and talk to them about sustainable development goals.

At the first session, international students, Alejandra from Honduras, Honza from the Czech Republic, and Rebeka from Slovakia, met with the students of Fu-Cheng High School and introduced their customs, food, and places to visit in their home countries. Ice-breaking games were also part of the introduction – it not only helped them to get to know the students better but also students got to know more about each other since they all came from different classes.

After the introduction session, students were divided into three groups and each international student was in charge of one group. The international students chose different topics to talk about – teaching the students songs from their country, saying some common phrases in their mother language, and the most important part and the crucial subject of these two sessions, sustainable development goals introduced by the United Nations. In 20 minutes, they briefly introduced their topics, encouraged students to speak and actively participate in the conversation, and asked them to fill out the worksheet at the end of the session. As merit points for participation and appreciation for communicating, the students were given stamps to collect, and in the end, the team who won the most stamps won a prize.

Even though the first session was an introduction to sustainable development goals, the second session was purely about water consumption, water pollution, and talking about our potential to preserve and improve water quality across the world. This session had a practical part this time as well – after the introductory presentation about the environment and water consumption (SDG number 6), the international students, with the help of the teachers who were overseeing the smooth flow of the event, prepared the materials for the students so they could try to build their own water filter.

Thanks to its simple construction process and availability of the materials, it was very easy and educational at the same time to show the students the effect of water filters and the fact that they can actively contribute to environmental preservation. The students were very keen to learn how to make the filter, everyone tried their best to achieve a good result, and everyone (more or less) achieved the goal to filter out the dirt of the water.

The event was very successful – students were very handy and tried hard to achieve good results as well as to cooperate with the international students. The students left the classroom with new knowledge that they would use very responsibly and very effectively in the future. The NSYSU International students would like to thank Fu-Cheng High School who organized this event and asked NSYSU to help, as well as the members who guided them through the event and lent a helping hand whenever needed – 林玟伶、林育妃、張瓊云、吳碧華、周梅如. Thank you for making this great event happen and NSYSU hopes to collaborate on more meaningful events like this in the future.