2022 IBBA Local Students Orientation: the Journey Begins

On August 30th, IBBA held an orientation for the local students. After having a delicious lunch, the event’s emcee, Andy Teo (張詠峰;GHRM MBA 2nd year student), kick-start the event by welcoming the freshmen to the international program family.

Opening the event, the College of Management’s Deputy Director of International Programs, Prof. Kim, congratulated the freshmen for being successfully enrolled into the program. As Deputy Director Kim mentioned, the International Programs and the College of Management provide multiple resources for students to explore and broaden their horizons. She encouraged the students to embrace the following years in college with an open mind and be willing to push themselves off their comfort zone and seize any opportunities that would make them the best version of themselves.

Next up, Alice Chen (陳君涵;Department of Business Administration 113) shared more about the IBBA’s curriculum. She shared with the freshmen the Rules and Regulations for the IBBA which they would need to complete a minimum of 128 credits which includes 30 credits of Compulsory Courses, 61 credits of Elective Courses, and other courses. To help the freshmen better understand the process, she also kindly shared her personal experiences and gave some tips on course selection such as reminding them of the important schedules to note.

Apart from the academic-related affairs, she also emphasized the importance of maintaining harmonious relationships with their classmates as that would make or break a team during a group project. Furthermore, she recommended the freshmen take a humble approach and listen to their seniors as they sometimes may prevent you from making futile efforts.

Following Alice’s sharing, Andy hosted a series of activities to foster a closer bond amongst the freshmen. For example, some of the activities include a game called Two truths and one Lie. Teams were given 5 minutes to discuss and come up with two truths and a lie regarding their team members. After, each team will take turns presenting what they have discussed, and the remaining teams would have to identify which of the 3 facts was a lie. Within this activity, the freshmen had a better understanding of each other.

Another activity was the Scavenger Hunt. The teams were given 15 minutes to answer all 10 questions. The first 3 teams to answer every question correctly would win the challenge. During this game, the freshmen worked together as a team to achieve the common goal and competed with other teams in a friendly and beneficial way. The questions were also crafted in a way for students to learn more about the student life at NSYSU, better assimilating them into this new phase of life.

The final game of the day was Andy Says. As soon as Andy finishes giving his instruction, the fastest group to accomplish the task would be crowned the winner of the challenge. This exciting activity undoubtedly spiced up the event. From waving lipsticks frantically to taking off shoes at an astonishing speed, waves of laughter could be heard throughout the entire game.

Before the end of the event, Andy thanked the freshmen for their enthusiasm throughout the event and encouraged the freshmen to not be afraid of making mistakes as that is how one can learn.

As the saying goes, time flies when we are having a good time. The local students’ orientation flew by with cheers and smiles on the face of the freshmen. Truly an unforgettable experience for the IBBA freshmen.