【Department of Information Management】 Digital Transformation of Enterprises and the Challenges of Carbon Reduction

As part of his seminar on information management, Professor Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu of the Department of Information Management invited Danny Sheng-Teng Liu, who is a Senior Associate of SYSTEX Group and also an alumnus of NSYSU’s EMBA program, to share with students about the issues of corporate digital transformation and carbon reduction on February 22. Mr. Liu mentioned that in recent years, he has devoted himself to the development of digital transformation, smart manufacturing, and digital empowerment of carbon reduction solutions for SYSTEX. He hopes to lead the company in its corporate transformation and move towards the goal of digital transformation and low carbon.

Associate Danny Sheng-Teng Liu shares SYSTEX’s past market strategy

In recent years, SYSTEX has assisted various industries in deploying digital transformation services to help enterprises solve their problems through data-driven and software integration, including the following successful cases: AOI quality assurance defect detection, a self-developed NLP intelligent chatbot, an intelligent voice customer service system, high-tech production line data analysis, an intelligent work safety system, an online customer payment system, and an e-commerce (EC) platform, among others. Both customer service systems and e-commerce platforms show that companies are now striving to use data mining and integration to find customers’ needs, enhance the consumer experience, improve consumer retention, and tailor and target their marketing to customers. Mr. Liu also mentioned that digital transformation is not just a paper exercise, nor should it be treated as a tool. Digital transformation is a change across the whole operation mode and ways of thinking, a transformation not just of the system, but also of the staff, corporate culture, and the business model.

Professor Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu wraps up Mr. Liu’s guest lecture

In addition, SYSTEX has also made significant efforts in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). In light of the frequent occurrence of various natural disasters and the pandemic in recent years, it is necessary for enterprises to implement environmental protection, fulfill their social responsibilities and abide by ethical norms. Therefore, since 2016, SYSTEX has organized the Young Turing Project, encouraging technology students to participate, as well as the AI+ Generator Program to help young people with dreams to invest in new ventures. The AI4SG Award is also held to encourage the use of technology for good. SYSTEX has also set short-, medium-, and long-term goals, including reducing its water and electricity consumption. It hopes to reduce its waste by 1%, doing its part for the environment.

Group photo of Professor Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu (front row, first from left), Mr. Danny Sheng-Teng Liu (front row, first from right), and students

Nowadays, many companies are undergoing digital transformation, not only in response to the shortage of workers, but also in order to develop normally and quickly in the face of the pandemic. As Mr. Liu told the students, in this era of change, the only way to stay the same is to keep changing. He said that at this stage, what society needs are “collaborators” who are willing to learn, challenge the unfamiliar, and communicate across fields. He also shared with the students of the Department of Information Management how to make the best use of their background in information and management in the future workplace.

(Written by I-Ching Huang, second year MBA in Information Management student/Edited by the College of Management)