【Career】Tiny Island, Big Lessons: My Taiwan Experience-Limaonen

Studying abroad is a dream many people have but very few can afford. From learning about the Taiwan Miracle during my previous masters to reading about Taiwan’s liberal and democratic culture and recent push to attract international students, Taiwan was undoubtedly my top study abroad destination. My study abroad experience in Taiwan was everything I hoped for with a few pleasant surprises.

Life In Sunny Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung is a unique blend of modernity and tranquility. Life is super convenient yet it isn’t marked by the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city. There were various tourist destinations nearby and best of all, people were friendly, polite, and never shied away from lending a helping hand. Whether I wanted to spend a night out, spend some quiet time alone or relish some local cuisine, the perfect place to do that was just a few minutes away. For my study abroad destination, I couldn’t have chosen a better place.

Academics At GHRM MBA
Academics at GHRM MBA NSYSU was different from my previous university in India. Whereas in India we utilize the rote system, GHRM MBA was more practical with a lot of group activities. The class lecturers provided me with knowledge that I never knew before and the presentations and projects inculcated practical skills and also boosted my self-confidence and communication skills. The credit requirements were also lower than most universities in India, offering me ample time to explore the beautiful island, have fun with friends and pursue my hobbies and interests.  Experiencing a different style of education was an enriching experience.
I was also one of the lucky few students that had part-time responsibilities along with the usual course load. I had the privilege of working as a Social Media Content Writer for the GHRM MBA Program and Office of Career Development as well as a TA for Professor Jeeyeon’s courses. Overwhelming at times, but it sharpened my skills and also gave me a glimpse of what work culture in Taiwan is all about and I have no doubt it’ll be beneficial when I enter the real workforce.

Beauty In Diversity
NSYSU is a melting pot- you have people from all across the globe like Indonesia, India, Philippines, Hongkong, USA, South Africa, and many more. And if I could pick just one thing that I like the most about life at NSYSU, it would be just that-the diversity. I also had the opportunity of sharing the culture and history of my state, Nagaland, during the Cultural Sharing program organized by the SA in 2020 which I consider to be one of my most memorable moments at NSYSU. 

Being in a diverse setting teaches you how people from different cultures are so different from each other but in so many ways, are so alike. Studying in an international program like GHRM MBA allowed me to work and understand people from different countries and embrace their flaws alongside their perfections.

Future Plans In Taiwan
Instead of restricting my career to HR, I would rather consider an HR major to prepare the future career as a leader and manager that can be applied to the work organization. Professor Jeeyeon’s course E-Commerce and working on GHRM MBA’s social media and recruitment instilled in me a passion for analyzing data, marketing and providing results. Thanks to this, I not only acquired new knowledge and refined my skills but became certain that the marketing field was where I wanted to foray into. I consider Taiwan my second home and plan on staying here for as long as possible.

Learning a new language and culture, making friends from all across the globe, becoming a better person, and gaining a better understanding of the word-my study abroad experience at GHRM MBA Taiwan, has been life-changing.

Limaonen Longkumer