Welcome on board! Hult Prize Club First Gathering Meeting

The College of Management at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) has been striving for being the model of putting College Social Responsibility (CSR) into practice. Since 2018, the College of Management has been publishing CSR annual reports for 4 straight years. To further fulfill CSR principles, the Office of Career Development at College of Management have supported our College of Management students to establish the “Hult Prize Club” this May. The Hult Prize Club is formed by Cross-College students at our university.

Although the club is in its initial stage, the club members are trying hard to promote the Hult Prize in order to meet the competition qualifications for at least 10-competing-team participation. They had released the recruiting information and completed the interview progress, 13 new members have joined the club. On August 28th, the club held its first gathering meeting in the new semester to help the newcomers gain better understandings of the Hult Prize competition, how the club is formed and future goals, future events arrangements etc.

The club not only plans to invite industry practitioners to lead the competing teams but also hold its internal training to build members’ strength. The new members are expected to understand the sponsorship value and ways to contact potential sponsors. Some of the club members are specialized on branding and marking and they will be working on members’ business cards design and future events marketing and promotion. Meantime, other team members are inviting industry practitioners for its scheduled workshops and judges of the competition.

Hult Prize at NSYSU is going to bring NSYSU students a series of lectures, workshops, and finally, a competition soon. People who are interested in making a positive impact on the world can follow us at our Facebook and Instagram.

Hult Prize Tips: It is known as the Nobel Prize in Business school and is the biggest student competition for social good in the world. Students around the world are encouraged to come up with practical projects according to the topic assigned by Hult Prize Foundation and participated the competition. The topic focuses on critical issues around the world nowadays in order to find possible solutions from Business elites.

(Written by Cho Yi Jen, translated by Chao Min-Ru, proofread by College of Management 2021.09.07)