Social Innovation and Entrepreneur Competition conducted the second workshop – Business Presentation Workshop

NSYSU Hult Prize club held the Social Innovation and Entrepreneur Competition, which is assisted and supervised by the College of Management, and the Office of Career Development. The second workshop: Business Presentation Workshop, was held on the 4th of December. The NSYSU Hult Prize Club invited Sophia Chia-Chen Wu to teach students the best practices of business presentations.

Lecturer Sophia has more than 20 years of teaching experience and she also received training from the US ICF International Training Alliance and has more than 300 workshop experience. When the students learned that Lecturer Sophia would give instruction on English presentation skills, they all expressed that they were looking forward to the presentation workshop.

The atmosphere of the workshop was relaxed and pleasant. The students responded positively to the questions raised by Lecturer Wu. The students not only learned how to improve their English presentation skills in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere but also learned how to arrange and design the presentation page, allowing listeners to quickly grasp the key points of the proposal and listen carefully to the content of the proposal report.

Sophia designed a series of courses for the Business Presentation Workshop, which included “Introduction of Learning Map”, “Four Main Types of Presentation”, “DMU”,” Analysis of Presentation Purpose”, “Analysis and Practice of Presentation Structure”, and “One-minute Presentation”. The coach helped students make use of the presentation skills to prove their final presentation by explaining 24 presentation key points, for the purpose of efficiently optimizing their final report.

The next weekend, December 11th would be the formal competition day of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneur Competition Day. The purpose of the Business Presentation Workshop was to help the teams evaluate and improve their presentation skills and to inculcate the best methods of doing presentations. The NSYSU Hult Prize Club is looking forward to the competing teams using the skills learned from the workshop during their final proposal for the competition.

(Written by Cho,Yi-Jen , proofread by College of Management)