【College of Management】Lecture of General Education in NSYSU, Experience Sharing by Ms. Yulin Tsai

The NSYSU Hult Prize Club, which is assisted and supervised by the College of Management and the Office of Career Development, successfully held the first online event for this semester. On the 6th of October, an online lecture was provided by Ms. Yulin Tsai, founder of Seek and Find Co. Ltd., on the topic “Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Daily Life”. Through the lecture, Ms. Tsai introduced social enterprise and shared her own experience. She talked about the importance of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Ms. Yulin Tsai, founder of Seek and Find Co. Ltd., compared the difference between NPOs, social enterprises, and normal enterprises

The lecture was divided into two parts. In the first part, Ms. Yulin Tsai talked about the origin of the social enterprise; which developed as a result of people’s desire which to make society better. The lecture involved the definition of a social enterprise and the difference between a non-profit organization (NPO), a social enterprise, and a general business. During the second part, Ms. Yulin Tsai shared the story of her founding Seek and Find Co. Ltd., which aims at promoting the symbiosis between job and family. She also talked about the huge difficulties for postpartum women to return to work which may discourage women from wanting to have children,  risking the development of Taiwan.

Ms. Yulin Tsai stated the contradiction between Taiwanese women’s career and family

During the Q&A session, participants asked numerous questions such as-How to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship? How to find business partners? What talents do you need to be a successful entrepreneur? Do the lecturers have more suggestions for youth entrepreneurship? Ms. Yulin Tsai also responded patiently one by one and provided students with a channel to learn more about entrepreneurial information, so that had a platform that can provide them with relevant information after the lecture.

During the event, Ms. Tsai said that it was a very beautiful thing to be able to communicate with the younger generation and share their hopes and actions for the society. Ms. Yulin Tsai also mentioned that in the course of development, she received a lot of help from the Secretary-General Zeng Shan Hui of the “Sun Yat-sen Management Education Foundation” established by Businesspeople, professors at the School of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University and alumni of College of Management, the late Professor Liang Ting-Peng from the Department of Asset Management, and Professor Yang Yu-Chen from the Department of Information Management. It can be seen that the College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University has achieved very good results in actively promoting ethics, social responsibility and sustainable education, and cultivating relevant talents.

“If enterprises can earn trust people’s trust, people can gain their happiness” is Ms. Yulin Tsai’s faith when founding Seek and Find Co. Ltd.

To let students have a better understanding of social enterprises and promote their products, the Career Development Office of the School of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University, together with the Hult Prize Club, held the “Zhongshan Big Events” group. Through a lucky draw, the students got to know more about social enterprises and also had the opportunity to use the products of social enterprises. Through this event, the students learned that they could run a profit earning business while contributing to society as well. This is the same as Hult Prize purpose of the special prize fits perfectly.

Ms. Yulin Tsai shared the difficulty that social enterprise would encounter.

The prizes drawn this time include the CUG ice drip coffee group (1 group), won by Huang Yunjin; the tea seed hall travel group (1 group) Chen Aini won; Le Buxue Q Cake (1 set) Chen Ruixuan; Enju Haoshi Vegetable biscuits (1 serving) Wu Hongsheng; Tony Lonely Chocolate (4 servings) Guo Xiaoying, Liao Baozhen, Shih Man and Jenny Wang.

In the next plan of the Hult Prize Club, we will also provide you with more information on social entrepreneurship and organize related activities. For more information about Hult Prize, please click “Here”, or follow both our Facebook and Instagram.

(Written by CHAO MIN-RU, proofread by College of Management)

The group photo taken at the end of the lecture.