【 IBMBA】Guest Lecture – Ørsted Taiwan Ltd. Chih-Chen, Lin

On 14th May 2021, Dr. Ryan Brading invited Mr. Lin Chih-Chen, the Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Ørsted, Taiwan – to be the guest speaker for the students attending the courses: ‘Sustainability of Global Enterprise’, ‘Entrepreneurship Management and Practice’, and ‘Productions and Operations Management’.

The topic of this lecture was Sustainable Energy, which is produced with wind turbines by this company. Ørsted is a global leader in offshore wind power plants.   This Danish energy sustainable company selected Taiwan as their base for the Asia Pacific. So far, they have completed a very successful project named  Formosa I, which is located in Miaoli County.    Currently, they are working on a huge project in Changhua County.

Mr. Lin introduced their vision as a sustainable company, and hence their ambitions in  changing the global market with electricity. He also described the entire process and technology in manufacturing wind turbine towers. Students were asking about the foundations of the turbine wind towers.  Mr., Lin explained that Taiwan’s coastal seabed has a lot of mud sediments transported by rivers from the Mountains.  For this reason, they have to put a lot of rocks around the seabed where the tower is located. These rocks eventually become artificial coral reefs, which contributes towards the gradual improvement of Taiwan’s marine life.

The second part of the lecture was brainstorming. Mr., Lin asked students to think about how  Ørsted could plan effective CSR  strategies in townships, which are on Taiwan’s coast, as this Danish company is planning to build offshore wind turbine towers near these towns.  Students were divided into three groups, and had  20 minutes to come up with some strategies. Each group presented their innovative ideas.  Mr. Lin expressed his views and appreciated their fresh ideas.

We thanked Mr. Lin for his time to come all the way to NSYSU and give us a valuable lecture.