【Student Association】Time to look back: Black Valentines Party

14th of April 2021, Black Valentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday. Singles in South Korea originally observed it. On this day, singles who haven’t received gifts from significant others on Valentine’s Day and White Day (on the 14th of March) will gather together to ‘commiserate’ with each other. They will be wearing black color and having black-colored food, especially ‘jjajangmyeon’(noodles in blackbean sauce). However, the Student Association (SA) of the International Programs believes that Happy Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, but to celebrate love in all forms. SA would like to remind us how much we love our friends, family, teachers, and other people around us, realize how important it is to seize the day.

To share the love and bond up the relationship among students, SA held the “Black Valentine’s Party” on that day at the College of Management, NSYSU. This event attracted several students from IBMBA, GHRM MBA, and other students from the College of Management, NSYSU, with various activities and savored delicious foods, snacks, and drinks.

The night party started with the game “Guess the word by emoji!”. Participants need to guess the correct answers after watching pictures of emojis with different topics to win this game. There are four categories, and each participant will have 10 seconds/ per picture to make a guess. One point for one correct answer, and the winners will be two people who get the highest scores. All students were excited to join this game, some answers were wrong, but most of them were correct. Finally, “Guess the word by emoji!” successfully ended with the champion from IBMBA 1st year student, Melody Xue, who got 11 correct answers.

The second game was “Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe”. Participants have to use one finger of one hand to try to flip their cup over, so the cup lands on its open end. When it lands properly (open end down) on the table, then place it on the board quickly in a square to help advance their team in tic tac toe. Their teammate will help them to finish the game. All the attendees were divided into four teams competing to find the prizewinner.  Despite the difficulty of balancing the cup, we finally found the champion team of the game, which form by Lisa Chang (1st-year IBMBA), Stan Tsai (2nd-year IBMBA), and James Tseng(1st-year GHRM MBA).

At the end of the party, the “Ping Tac Toe” required a range of movement. The player must bounce ping-pong balls into a grid of glasses to get a 3 in a row during the game. They also must alternate the color of the ping-pong ball thrown after a ball lands in cups. Once and for all, the night with lots of memorable moments ended with the victories from 2 teams, which are Team_ La Hanh Phuong (1st-year IBMBA) and Cao Huynh Hong Phan (1st-year GHRM MBA); and Team_ Andrey Tukmachev(2nd-year IBMBA), Reianthong Vongseanglam (1st-year GHRM MBA), and Ivan Wang. Last but not least, Sharon Huang from 1st year IBMBA bagged the prize for bones round after competing with the SA president.

Although because of the pandemic, we should keep social distance and some of us can’t get together with their love ones, today’s event had made every participant put those longing aside, enjoy the heartwarming and funny memories, and make a fantastic night.