【International Program】Career Networking Event

On the 17th of October, 2020, a ‘Career Networking Event” was held by Office of Career Development at Sunset Beach, NSYSU, where GHRM MBA & IBMBA alumni currently working in Taiwan networked with the students and offered essential tips for improving their career prospects in Taiwan.

Before the program began, delicious treats were presented to the attendees to enjoy. The formal event began with Student Association vice president Jonathan greeting the crowd and welcoming the Dean of College of Management, Professor San-Yih Hwang, to deliver the opening speech. Unlike the previous ones, Dr. San Yih-Hwang remarked that the event was specifically designed for international students. He also noted that Taiwan was a better place to live and encouraged international students to seek employment in Taiwan after graduation. He was optimistic that the GHRM MBA & IBMBA degree would be helpful due to the prestige of NSYSU.

The very charismatic alumnus Mr. Matthew Hopkins who is currently working as an International Sales Executive in ZMI Electronics, Ltd., served as the moderator. IBMBA alumni Trent Prestegar and Wendy Tang gave valuable tips on ‘First Job Survival Kit’ from their own experience. Trent is working for the international marketing department in Moshi Taiwan, and he emphasized the importance of networking and encouraged the attendees to join networking groups as well. Wendy, who is currently working as a business development manager in a company called International Cosmetic Suppliers Limited, advised the crowd to have an open mind, to learn Chinese, and to make friends in the workplace.

GHRM MBA alumni Yulia Balkhanova and Michal Ryznar touched upon the topic of “CV: Do’s and Dont’s/job hunting/how to assess a potential employer/ interview preparation’. Yulia is currently working as a project manager in Rost Group and Technology Co., Ltd, and Michal is employed as an assistant sales manager in a start-up company called Amaryllo Inc. Michal encouraged the students to get as many interviews as possible to improve their interviewing skills, which is critical for landing good jobs. He also noted that the GHRM MBA & IBMBA degrees would “open a lot of doors.” Julia recalled how she sent numerous job applications after she graduated and advised the students to do the same as it can lead them to a job interview. As for interviews, she urged them not to be nervous and to be prepared for anything.

After Julia and Michal, IBMBA alumni Alexandre Mimault and Daniel Aschauer briefed the attendees on “operating in Taiwanese professional culture-communication styles, cultural differences.” Alexandre is working as a vie-e-commerce and marketing business controller in Carrefour Taiwan, and Daniel is currently the deputy general manager in Anton Paar Taiwan. Daniel remarked that the Taiwanese people were positive, caring, and helpful but also noted that the Taiwanese workplace was “not like in university” as it was more competitive, and people didn’t like admitting mistakes. According to his experience, Alexandre noted that the line between personal and professional life in Taiwan was “blurry” and advised the students to set a clear distinction when they start working.

GHRM MBA alumnus Robin Slootmaker and IBMBA alumnus Vigor Arisandi spoke on the topic of “skills to develop for the workplace (google analytics, project management techniques).” Robin is currently working as an international sales manager in Biotek Environmental Science Ltd., and Vigor is a UI/UX designer at FUNPODIUM. Robin exhorted the students on the importance of CRM systems and encouraged them to learn about CRM systems as soon as possible. He also gave tips on presentation skills and advised them to keep presentations “clean, simple, and clear.” Vigor also talked about his shift from accounting to a career in UI/UX design and advised the students to focus on what they want to do.

After the program was over, the alumni still stuck around despite their busy schedules to interact and network with the current students. It was a memorable event catching up with GHRM MBA & IBMBA alumni, who were all doing fantastic in their respective careers. The tips and advice will undoubtedly be advantageous for students to jumpstart their careers.