【Student】NSYSU students’ teams win 3 prizes for CSR proposals during the 8th PwC Taiwan Camping for Good

Students of NSYSU participated in the 8th PwC Taiwan Camping for Good, during which, in groups, they submitted CSR project promotion and execution proposals for three corporations: Cathay Financial Holdings, Chunghwa Telecom, and International CSRC Investment Holdings (CSRC). Three teams of NSYSU students joined competitions of the event and made the University the biggest winner of the contest, with three prizes for the best CSR project and one eloquence award.

In the CSR project proposal competition, five students of the NSYSU Department of Business Management: Hao Liou, Hsiang-Mei Li, Yu-Chiao Fu, Yi-Chen Wei, and Wo-Hua Lin submitted an image promotion proposal for Cathay Life Insurance that involves reducing carbon emissions by going paperless, showing a way to reduce carbon emissions in the long term. The team found out that the main focus of the target customers of Cathay Life was to save money and not to directly engage in actions for carbon emissions reduction, and thus, came up with a way to make customers save money by reducing the company’s carbon footprint. They applied the concept of review and readjustment of the company’s internal and external affairs they learned in class and designed an internal training program, vegetarian food days, and educational vlogs to first raise the awareness of environmental problems among the employees and then, extend the knowledge to their customers. The team also suggested regular sharing of data on electricity savings with the employees and designed a plan to encourage external customers to contribute by joining the electricity-saving refund plan. The customers apply for monthly electronic receipts from Taiwan Power Company; if they succeed in saving electricity, they can log in to the official website of Cathay Life and participate in an interactive game to learn about carbon emissions labels, the related environmental policy of Cathay Life, collect points and get an electricity bill discount. The team engaged in a week of brainstorm on the project, identified problems, and drew up solutions. They found out that it is vital to connect the solutions to customers’ needs and draw up a personalized plan to more effectively promote their idea. The team put their efforts in drawing up a concrete plan in line with customers’ needs, which gained great acknowledgment, and won the first prize and the eloquence award.

The team of the College of Management competing for the Chunghwa Telecom CSR project proposal was formed by students of the second year of the master program of the Institute of Marketing Communications: Bing-Yu Tsai, Chang-Cheng Tu, Yu-Chien Duh, I-Hao Chang, and Jui-Chu Liu, who believe that sustainable development will be the key trend in the future. The mission of the team was to attain the 11th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): Sustainable Cities and Communities by using such technologies as 5G, Internet of Things, and AI to assist vulnerable groups, such as the hearing or vision impaired or the illiterate, in finding information on medical treatment via a mobile application, combining smart scheduling with AR speech-based navigation. Based on the technologies of AI and the Internet of Things, the application provides information on the fastest arrangements for medical treatment for target groups of patients to smoothly reach the right clinic. The team said that their proposal aimed at creating a safer, friendlier, and more equal public space, applying real data analysis to increase its reliability and feasibility; their team’s work won the first prize for the CSR project for Chunghwa Telecom.

The cross-university and interdepartmental team working on the CSR proposal for CSRC Group included NSYSU students: Yu-Xiu Lin and You-Fong Wu of the Institute of Human Resource Management, Yi-Chen Wu of the Department of Business Management, student of the Institute of Business and Management at National Chiao Tung University Yu-Hung Cheng, and student of the Department of Accountancy and Graduate Institute of Finance at National Cheng Kung University Yan-Ruei Pan. The team had to reverse the environmentally-unfriendly image of CSRC Group, which produces carbon black products, and to promote the practice of circular economy in daily life. The team chose to combine carbon emissions reduction with 3D printing in industry-academia cooperation; they arranged a workshop on campus conducted by a collaborating printing contractor and formed a positive image of carbon black raw material by CSRC for use in 3D printing and promoted the model of circular economy during the event. Inspired by 3D printed art installations made of recycled plastic in overseas countries, the team invited artists to use raw carbon black to create 3D printed art, stage props for theatrical performances, and promoted the positive image of carbon black material in art and lifestyle. In their proposal, the team included stakeholders’ evaluation and ESG performance evaluation, hoping to reach the goals indicated in the SDG: cities’ sustainability, climate initiative, and partnership relations. Their work won them the first prize for CSR project for CSRC Group.

Dean of the College of Management at NSYSU San-Yih Hwang said that one of the education focuses of the College is to cultivate future business and management professionals with a sense of social responsibility and the concept of sustainability in mind. In 2019, the College established the Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions and has published so far two College Social Responsibility Annual Reports, continually promoting social responsibility actions in the College, its departments, and institutes. The three groups won 3 prizes, reflecting NSYSU students’ commitment to the issues of CSR and the business world’s acknowledgment of their actions. The victory was an honor for the College of Management, the students, and teachers.

PwC Taiwan Sustainable Development Service Corporation has been organizing PwC Taiwan Camping for Good since 2016. It was the first CSR-themed camp for students in Taiwan, and nearly 550 students have participated until now. During the camp, lecturers of different fields were invited to share knowledge and propose sustainability actions for enterprises. The students engaged in the simulation of climate negotiations to experience the atmosphere of such meetings played an original interactive sustainability-themed board game and got involved in a workshop, which let them understand the SDGs more in-depth and gave them a proper idea and knowledge of sustainability, positively raising the awareness and the focus on the topic of sustainability in Taiwan.

The participants of the 8th edition of PwC Taiwan Camping for Good
The team of the winning CSR proposal for Cathay Life Insurance. From the left are Wo-Hua Lin, Yu-Chiao Fu, Yi-Chen Wei, representative of Cathay Life Insurance, Hsiang-Mei Li, and Hao Liou, and the team counselor.
The team of the NSYSU Department of Business Management not only won the first prize for their CSR project proposal for Cathay Life Insurance but also won the eloquence award.
The NSYSU team competing for the CSR project proposal for Chunghwa Telecom. From the left are Bing-Yu Tsai, Jui-Chu Liu, the senior manager of Chunghwa Telecom, camp team counselor Hsin-Ju Hsieh, and members Yu-Chien Duh, I-Hao Chang, and Chang-Cheng Tu.
The team with the winning CSR project proposal for CSRC Group. From the left are Yu-Xiu Lin, Yi-Chen Wu, representative of CSRC, Yu-Hung Cheng, Yan-Ruei Pan, You-Fong Wu, and team counselor.
NSYSU students, corporate representatives and managerial staff of PwC Taiwan