【Visiting】A Firm Foothold in Kaohsiung, and has the Whole World in View – Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd

Our IBMBA & GHRM MBA combined course, Consulting Methods and Practice, enables students to work closely with several enterprises and enhance students’ professional knowledge and practical experiences to meet the industry needs before entering the job market. On May 8th, Prof. Lin led students to visit Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd.

It is an outward looking enterprise which has a firm foothold in Kaohsiung, and the whole world in view. In addition to its global leader role in fastener industry, Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd. exports its branded products worldwide and also serves to customers spreading across the United States and the European Union with high-end products. On the day of the field trip, Sheh Fung Manger, Mr. Mark Huang, gave a brief introduction and company overviews, and had students visit its laboratory and factory tours to see how they use precision instruments to examine screws’ quality and make sure the screws will be delivered to customers with a lowest defective rate. We also went to the manufacturing site to see the production process of screws from raw material to end product operating smoothly on the Sheh Fung production line.

The course final presentation will be arranged on 12th June at College of Management in NSYSU, students will present their findings and suggestions to corporates they cooperated with respectively. Sheh Fung Manager, Mr. Huang, said that he is looking forward to the upcoming presentation. Lastly, we would really like to appreciate Sheh Fung’s support over the past years for this course. Let’s look forward to it and please keep following this page to catch the newest progress of this course!