NSYSU EMBA is the only program in Taiwan to enter Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking 6 times in a row

NSYSU EMBA is the only program in Taiwan which has entered the Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking by Financial Times 6 times in a row. The newest 2019 of Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking was announced on November 18th; this year NSYSU EMBA was ranked 88th in the world. NSYSU’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) was outstanding and its rank rose from 89th last year to 78th this year.

The EMBA Ranking takes into consideration: the results of the survey on the career progress of alumni graduated three years ago, school diversity, research and CSR. Evaluation of career progress consists in the evaluation of changes after the students graduated from an EMBA program, such as average salary and yearly increase in salary. Also, diversity of faculty members and students and learning environment were evaluated.

According to the newest ranking, there was a 56% increase in salaries of EMBA alumni who graduated in 2016, reaching an average salary of USD 184,910 per year (about NTD 5,638,213). Also, students’ work experience rank has risen by 23 places, ranking 64th. This proves that studying the EMBA program at NSYSU one can gain a diverse experience but also engage in co-learning exchange. As for the diversity of the University, the total ratio of international employees, teachers, students and board members has been steadily increasing, from 4 to 5 percentage points. The University’s investment in the internationalization of the learning environment attracts many outstanding international faculty members and students.

What is worth noticing is that Financial Times added a new evaluation category in 2018 – CSR. This index is calculated by counting the program’s teaching hours dedicated to CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues. This year’s NSYSU CSR rank has greatly increased, from the 89th last year to this year’s 78th place. The CEO of the EMBA program Jack Shieh-Chieh Hsu said, that the teachers incorporate the idea of CSR in their teaching program to cultivate future managers conscious about CSR issues and with a high mobility. NSYSU alumnus – CEO of Jiu Zhen Nan Foods won the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award this year. Besides the active promotion of the University’s social responsibility (USR), the College of Management encourages all institutes and departments to fulfill social responsibility and, since 2018, has issued annual reports on the College’s social responsibility, which is unprecedented among business institutions in Taiwan.

According to the 2019 Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking by Financial Times, the best business school is HEC Paris, which ranked 6th last year. The best business program in Asia is Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program, established jointly by HKUST Business School and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. Ranking third is Trium Global EMBA, jointly established by HEC Paris, London School of Economics and NYU Stern School of Business.

Top 100 Executive MBA Ranking by Financial Times (UK):http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/executive-mba-ranking-2019

The recruitment for the EMBA program at NSYSU for the academic year 2020 has just started, students are recruited separately for the EMBA and the Asia-Pacific EMBA groups; there is no written exam. In November, several recruitment information sessions will be organized in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. For further information please check http://emba.nsysu.edu.tw. Outstanding candidates of any nationality are invited to register. Information hotline: +886 7 5252000, ext. 4503 to 4505.

NSYSU EMBA graduates of 2016
Students of the EMBA program at NSYSU practiced their management skills in different companies. In the photo are the 2016 EMBA graduates visiting companies.
NSYSU EMBA graduates of 2016 published their first book not only to share businesses’ process schemes, but also to pass on the spirit of NSYSU, which became one of the features of EMBA program at NSYSU.
NSYSU EMBA students are not afraid of challenges: they joined the Gobi March again! Having demonstrated a remarkable team spirit, the team won an Endeavour Award.
NSYSU EMBA graduates of 2016 established a social care association to give back to the society by helping others.