Bowling Event with the Director of IBMBA/GHRM MBA programs and Faculty Members

September 27, 2019 – The International Programs Office organized its second big event for this semester. They organized a Bowling Event with the program director, Sharon Wang, and faculty members. The location for this event was the brand new Taroko Park Shopping Mall. It has the biggest bowling center in the city, which The International Student Association booked for this activity. The event was scheduled from 2pm till 3.30pm. and was visited by more than 40 people from the IBMBA/GHRM programs. The SA selected teams to ensure international and local students were put together to make sure people didn’t just stick with people from their home countries. During the event students had some snacks and drinks before hitting the lanes.

Feedback was positive. It got a little competitive and everyone enjoyed the activity a lot. There is definitely another bowling activity in the works for a future date!