【Alumni】NSYSU North EMBA Alumni Association Hosted A President Handover Ceremony

During the North EMBA Alumni Association Annual Meeting held on August 3, 2019, the Fourth President Chao-Liang Chen of the National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) North EMBA Alumni Association handed over the baton to the Fifth President Hsueh-Fang Hsu. President Hsu pointed out that the efforts of all the past teams that served the association and the support from the College of Management, NSYSU had not only helped alumni bond, but also facilitated the smooth running of all activities organized by the association. She also particularly expressed her gratitude to the former President Chen and his team for passing down their invaluable experiences. President Hsu also vowed to lead the Fifth Board of Directors, Directors, and Supervisors to continue to strengthen the association and continue to provide a diverse range of services for the EMBA alumni.

President Hsu was 15 years old when she came to Taiwan from Kinmen to work and study at the same time. In 1993, she returned to her hometown to run Ming Cheng Cable TV with success. Before she took on the position of the President of the North EMBA Alumni Association, she enrolled in the EMBA program at NSYSU in order to improve her knowledge in business management. She believes through acquiring new knowledge in the fields of business management, marketing, and international affairs, she has expanded her horizons, sharpened her thinking skills, and become more efficient in making corporate governance decisions. In addition, President Hsu has taken on leadership roles at several organizations such as the President of the Kinmen County Lifeline Association. She has been involved in promoting suicide prevention efforts for a long time, and often shares her volunteering experience with everyone. She stressed that people would often encounter things and events they felt they could not get over in life, our society is reciprocal. She said, “Do not give up on yourself, and be brave to seek help”. She also hopes that people who are currently receiving help can one day become someone who will help others in the future. President Hsu has been working towards her goals of keeping the society accompany and ensuring children grow up happily.

Therefore, when she decided to take the responsibility of the President of the North EMBA Alumni Association, she also expressed that she would apply the similar concept of care to this organization and set the annual vision of the association to be the “Love and Happy Served Volunteer Year” and base the alumni activities on the following three major themes:
1) Charitable Giving: Provide care to minority groups, and give support and assistance to the positive energy of the society.
2) Love Learning and Keep Growing: Organize academic lectures and visits to domestic and foreign companies, so that North E alumni can learn together and grow steadily.
3) Healthy Living: In addition to hosting sports activities, the association will also arrange outdoor activities such as hiking in order to ensure alumni stay strong and healthy.

Finally, President Hsueh-Fang Hsu expressed on behalf of the team that the new team would do everything they could to successfully organize all activities, and hope to become a role model of the best Alumni Association in order to attract all outstanding alumni to join the family of the North EMBA Alumni Association, share experiences, grow together, and create a brand new future.