【Interview】New Faculty:Dr. Jeeyeon Kim (International Programs)

2019-04-29/GHRM MBA

Our new staff member Dr. Jeeyeon Kim gave an interview and we are glad to share it with you in order to help students know more about new Professor.

Dr. Kim has graduated from the Yonsei School of Business in South Korea, with a Ph.D. degree in Marketing in 2018. She has a specialty in developing empirical models to investigate various phenomena including offline channel and social interactions in digital retailing contexts. Before that, Professor Kim worked in ISIS Contents which was the main licensor of Sanrio (character company known as Hello Kitty) in the Korean market. Our new Professor has published in leading marketing journals like the Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Advertising. Professor Jeeyeon Kim practices yoga and jogging to stay healthy nevertheless she spends a lot of time by the office desk while doing research. When she has some free time, Professor Kim watches football. Her favorite teams are Arsenal FC and Real Madrid CF.

As our new staff member, Professor Kim is looking forward and dedicated to making contribution to research, teaching and development of NSYSU in general. As for the impressions of University and students, Dr. Kim says: “NSYSU shows super beautiful and nature-friendly. Many of leading universities, including Yonsei University in Korea, are in historical buildings and nature-friendly environments. However, I’ve never seen a school, which has such a great landscape both mountains and sea. Moreover, it is attractive to be able to easily go to the commercial area. Having a combination of history, nature, and convenience of life is NSYSU’s greatest advantage. Students of NSYSU seem to be curious about various issues and have a passion both for learning and activities, they are all well-mannered and friendly. That helps my settling down in Kaohsiung (Thank you!! )”. Currently Professor Kim is teaching Research Methodology for GHRM MBA students (quantitative research part in specific), and International Marketing Management for IBMBA and exchange students. She thinks it is beautiful to listen to various opinions of students as it helps logical thinking and creativity.

Dr. Jeeyeon Kim has shared her life proverb by saying: “Challenge and experience! We can’t feel it if we do not experience, even though adults always give us such a good advice. Challenge is an essential part of my life. It was my first challenge to quit my job and go back to school to study for PhD degree. Working at NSYSU is my second challenge in life. I believe that all these challenges and experiences make my life much happier and more valuable.”

Let’s welcome Dr. Jeeyeon Kim at NSYSU and wish her best of luck!

Dr. Jeeyeon Kim