【Interview】GHRM MBA Student:Remco Yannick Robin Peters

2019-04-24/GHRM MBA/Mayya Achyldurdyyeva

Student Interview – Remco Yannick Robin Peters (Leader of the Student Association)
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Current President of Student Association of International Programs at NSYSU and first year student Mr. Remco Peters gave us an interview about his background and current experience as being student of GHRM MBA program.

Remco Peters is originally from a city called Venlo, which is in the south of the Netherlands (close to the German border). Remco’s hobbies are playing football, beach volleyball, skiing and, going out. Before coming to join NSYSU’s GHRM MBA Program, he studied Finance & Control in Nijmegen. Remco is highly proactive student – he takes part in a lot of activities (according to his opinion even in too many 😊). Remco is a football player and on Sundays he plays with international football team off campus and he is part of NSYSU team in tournaments throughout the year; he is part of NSYSU Dragon Boat team and beside often plays beach volleyball at Cijin on Saturdays.

First time, Remco came to NSYSU as an exchange student (September 2016-January 2017). He enjoyed that experience so much, that he promised himself to come back and made the promise come true 😊.

Mr. Peters chose GHRM Program since it provides opportunity to broaden personal and professional horizons, as well as get wide international experience and managerial skills. According to Remco’s impression the big difference in teaching style between NSYSU and Dutch Universities is more interactivity and presentations, so he prefers presentations instead of having a lot of written reports and tests, that’s why he enjoys his studies at NSYSU. “This semester I have two subjects of which I expect they will be very interesting. The first subject is Entrepreneurship by professor Young in which we have to come up and produce a new product. The second subject is Consulting by professor David in which we have a real case study at a Taiwanese company.” – Remco shares his current study process.

Remco highly advises and promotes GHRM English MBA Program to international students: “I would advise international student just go for it and don’t worry about moving to another country, as Taiwanese people are really helpful and if you have any questions about the studies and life in Taiwan in general, they are more than willing to help.”

Answering question about future career opportunities Remco has explained: “If I move back to the Netherlands, I’m sure that the master’s degree will increase my chances of finding a job. In most European countries it is a big advantage to have a Master from other countries.”

We thank our President of Student Association of International Programs at NSYSU for the provided interview and wish him best of luck in studies and future endeavors!

Remco Peters
Remco Peters with friends
Remco Peters with classmates