【Interview】GHRM MBA Newbie Spotlight: Meet Michal Polacek

Today, we bring another exciting story from our GHRM MBA newbie Michal Polacek.

Michal is from the Czech Republic, and for his bachelor’s, he studied civil engineering. He’s a big fan of athletics and sports, and for his hobbies, he loves soccer, tennis and recently in Taiwan, he has started to enjoy badminton as well. He’s also a nature enthusiast and has made it his goal to climb all the 台灣百岳 (Taiwan 100 Peaks) and small peaks as well. Before he came to Taiwan, Michal worked as an intern in one of the Czech Republic’s biggest companies and was responsible for budgeting and preparation for new projects.

Michal was looking for a reputed MBA program in Kaohsiung, and when he found out that NSYSU was offering an English GHRM MBA program along with free Chinese classes, he decided to apply for the GHRM MBA program. As for the best thing about NSYSU, Michal is enchanted by the serene landscape of NSYSU. He shares:

“I love the location. The view on the ocean is breathtaking. In 2018 when I was choosing University for summer school, I chose NSYSU just because of the beach. Really loved it and I am happy to be back. “

Michal notes that the people he has met in NSYSY are ‘interesting’ and ‘amazing’. As for his favorite course, he’s enjoying organizational politics, which is taught by professor Ryan Brading. According to Michal:

“I am in the first grade and have only 5 subjects. But definitely my favorite subject so far is Organizational Politics. The professor way of teaching for me is the most suitable compare to the others. Also the content is something what I like.”

As Michal comes from a completely different academic discipline, he says that he did face some challenges. According to Michal:

“Definitely it is the way of teaching. I am not used to this method of self-studying. As I said I studied engineering where the professors were teaching us what we should know for the exam. Here we have to read a lot of books, papers and articles and make presentations. Then we have a discussion at class about the topic. I still struggle a lot with this way of studying and teaching. I cannot say which way is better, it is just my personal problem to deal with it.”

As of now, Michal is busy with school work and is also working on improving his Chinese skills. He doesn’t have a concrete plan, but, in the future, he hopes to work in the building industry.

GHRM MBA is elated to have Michal as part of our family and hope he has a great time at NSYSU. In the coming days, we’ll continue to bring stories from our brilliant students.