【International Program】Visiting Zuoying Old Town

On the date of Nov 16th in 2019, Professor Jeng, Yih led the students of NSYSU and exchange stu-dents to have a cultural field trip in Kaohsiung. The field trip an important chapter of “Business Model Development and Practice of Social Enterprises” course which is held by Professor Jeng, Yih.

Zuoying old town was a popular town before. However, with the policy changing and adjusting, the main developing area gradually change to another district and Zuoying old town started declining. Zuoying district has abundant of historical building from Ching dynasty. It makes the whole area has sufficient energy and time to cultivate their own local culture. Kuo’s centennial house, lotus pond, 3-story tea house and the original Kau Wen Tone bookstore, all of them have their own story and meanings behind every trace on the buildings. What we aimed to do in this field trip is try to observe and learn how they renew their scenery and try to attract tourists to make the district popu-lar again.

Also, local people try to develop their handmade traditional pastry. Traditional pastry is not only an important skill for local people but whole Taiwanese people who seen Taiwan as their mother and home country. With technology developing, it accelerates the pace of disappearance our traditional skill and even the memory of flavor in our childhood. In Zuoying district, Joy Well bakery try to use their skill to keep making and teaching to inherit this important gift which gave form the own-er’s grandparents. They also share this important gift in their shelter factory for the people who have mental illness to help them to get an ability to survive or find a job on their own.

What we earn in this field trip is not only a memory or experience but profound impression to the local people who make all-out effort to perk up their local attractions and culture and also social responsibility. All of us learn the lecture “Thanks the land and give feedbacks” from the local peo-ple in this field trip.(Reported by IBMBA Liya)