【CM CSR】HRM alumni donated to Bethany Home

Institute of Human Resource Management, NSYSU, celebrated 25th anniversary last year, showing the outstanding cohesion with more than 300 alumni who had come back to alma mater. As the president of alumni association, Mr. Sun Ping Chang said, they held every alumni event with a final goal, which is “coming back to alma mater with affection”. In one preparation meeting, he and Vice President Su Wenxiu raised an idea of “integrating public welfare activities into leisure activities”, and they organized a visit to Bethany Home in Pingtung, which is an education institute for retarded children with accommodation. Alumni had an actively participation with the thought of giving back to society. There are 36 alumni, from batch 88 to batch 96, donated 23000 NTD by the name of HRM alumni association, hoping to spread love to every corner of our society.