【Sister School】Going Dutch! GHRM MBA and IBMBA students and their Dutch summer in Arnhem Business School

Our GHRM MBA student Hkawn San and IBMBA student Ngyuen My Linh spent their summer in the beautiful country of Netherlands before they step into the second year of their master studies. For the second consecutive year, NSYSU Office of International Affairs and The International Relations Office, College of Management worked with Arnhem Business School(ABS) to provide our students, along with 24 students from 13 other countries, a summer to remember.

Throughout their stay, ABS set out plans that are both educational and cultural. Students not only had the chance to explore parts of the country by bike— the classic transportation in the Netherlands, to experience the Dutch daily life, but also inspiring sessions in local, ecofriendly businesses.

With great efforts, ABS yield students’ personal growth in and outside of classrooms. Courses such as European Culture, Business and Entrepreneurship immersed students with business perspectives in the European manners; combined with company visits, students can further bring what they learn into practice and observe how businesses operate sustainably. Outside of classrooms, with the personal coaching programs provided by ABS, students explored themselves and future paths through inspiring conversations and intercultural exchanges.

“It also helped us enormously with the infographic trainings” said Ngyuen My Linh. Students are trained to address information in discussions, utilizing multiple graphs and well-organized charts, to strive in the future workforce. On the other hand, Hkawn San expressed her sincere gratitude to the well-rounded partnership built by NSYSU OIA, IRO, College of Management and Arnhem Business School. “It still excited me when I think about this experience! The program pays attention to the very last detail; I appreciate what they have offered and the cultural awareness that was brought to me.” She said.