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Publisher: Dean Shu-Chuan Yeh  Publish Date:2022-05-03
News Report
【Career】Kickstart your Marketing career
【Career】Tiny Island, Big Lessons: My Taiwan Experience-Limaonen
【110-2 Event Sharing】Product Manager Workshop, Office of Career Development
【Information Management】04/08 Information Session for Incoming Masters Students
《110-2 SA》Make Money Work for You
Events Information
Faculty Position Recruitment
Career(Internships / jobs / courses)
【CSR】Have a green Christmas 2022 with the College of Management and SDGs!

News Report

【Career】Kickstart your Marketing career

On 07 April, the Office of Career Development organized a hybrid (virtual and physical) sharing on the topic “Kickstart your Marketing career! But how should I prepare for it?”. This time, we have invited Ms. Effie Yang, Head of Marketing of Sofasoda, to share more about having a career as a Marketer, and how students can better prepare themselves during their job hunt. Just a little background on Effie, she has held various positions in the marketing department, such as Facebook, Line, Yahoo, HTC, etc. She is also one of NSYSU’s current career consultants.

(Picture 1)Effie sharing with the students her background

After a brief introduction of her background, Effie started off her main sharing by addressing some of the common misconceptions of a marketer. Most people’s impression of a marketer is that they require someone highly creative, has strong language ability, is able to work with renowned artists or influencers, etc. However, that may not always be the case. Although having such traits would indeed be important as a marketer, however, just being creative and influential would not make a marketer exceptional. A good example would be having data analytical skills to analyze a huge amount of data for marketing research purposes.

(Picture 2)Misconception about Marketer

Similar to what most students learned in class about marketing, the marketing purpose in a typical organization can be classified into two categories, business-to-consumers (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B). Generally, the public would be more familiar with B2C marketing, such as the ads that can be seen in the public area or on the television. Effie went on to analyze the effectiveness of some of the B2C marketing strategies and shared that online marketing strategies tend to have a harder time making a lasting impression.

(Picture 3)Comparing the effectiveness of online marketing against offline marketing

To help improve the students’ understanding of having a career in marketing, Effie shared with the attendees some of the daily lives of her marketing team. Apart from attending meetings, more meetings, and even more meetings, the rest of their time would be spent on market research and preparing the proposal for their marketing campaign. Herein lies a question, why is there a need for a marketer to attend so many meetings? The answer to this question is simple, apart from meeting with the senior management, most of the time, the marketing team’s proposed campaign would require them to work closely with other departments in the organization. As such, to succeed as a marketer, it is crucial to have good time management skills, and the ability to communicate and work coherently with different stakeholders.

(Picture 4)The daily lives of a marketer

As for students who intend to start a career in a market upon graduation, Effie also provided some valuable advice to them. To increase your chance of being recruited as a marketer, while schooling, students can make full use of their time to take up professional certifications or marketing courses, stay up-to-date with the latest happening in the marketing industry, and also take sign up for internships during their semester breaks.

Towards the end of the sharing, Effie addressed the questions that were raised by the students throughout the event.

For example, in your CV, students should consider including your relevant skills and experiences. If you have the time, do consider participating in events that would be beneficial for your future career, like attending sharing from professional marketers, etc.

As for students who asked about the recommended marketing courses to attend, Effie suggested that students could consider exploring the courses that Google is offering (see picture 5).  Some of the courses online are free and would be very relevant at work.

(Picture 5)How can students prepare themselves before joining the workforce as a marketer

Lastly, when interviewing for a marketing position, Effie recommends the students to always be prepared for the interview. So, what does being prepared for an interview mean? Apart from having a good understanding of the organization’s background and services, you should also know what the marketing department in the organization does. You can also increase your chance of getting selected by having good Microsoft Excel skills, as the majority of the market research analysis would require the use of Excel.

(Picture 6)Q&A segment

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Effie for taking time out from her busy schedule to join us for the sharing.

(Picture 7)Event group photo

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【Career】Tiny Island, Big Lessons: My Taiwan Experience-Limaonen

Studying abroad is a dream many people have but very few can afford. From learning about the Taiwan Miracle during my previous masters to reading about Taiwan’s liberal and democratic culture and recent push to attract international students, Taiwan was undoubtedly my top study abroad destination. My study abroad experience in Taiwan was everything I hoped for with a few pleasant surprises.

Life In Sunny Kaohsiung
Kaohsiung is a unique blend of modernity and tranquility. Life is super convenient yet it isn't marked by the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city. There were various tourist destinations nearby and best of all, people were friendly, polite, and never shied away from lending a helping hand. Whether I wanted to spend a night out, spend some quiet time alone or relish some local cuisine, the perfect place to do that was just a few minutes away. For my study abroad destination, I couldn't have chosen a better place.

Academics At GHRM MBA
Academics at GHRM MBA NSYSU was different from my previous university in India. Whereas in India we utilize the rote system, GHRM MBA was more practical with a lot of group activities. The class lecturers provided me with knowledge that I never knew before and the presentations and projects inculcated practical skills and also boosted my self-confidence and communication skills. The credit requirements were also lower than most universities in India, offering me ample time to explore the beautiful island, have fun with friends and pursue my hobbies and interests.  Experiencing a different style of education was an enriching experience.
I was also one of the lucky few students that had part-time responsibilities along with the usual course load. I had the privilege of working as a Social Media Content Writer for the GHRM MBA Program and Office of Career Development as well as a TA for Professor Jeeyeon’s courses. Overwhelming at times, but it sharpened my skills and also gave me a glimpse of what work culture in Taiwan is all about and I have no doubt it’ll be beneficial when I enter the real workforce.

Beauty In Diversity
NSYSU is a melting pot- you have people from all across the globe like Indonesia, India, Philippines, Hongkong, USA, South Africa, and many more. And if I could pick just one thing that I like the most about life at NSYSU, it would be just that-the diversity. I also had the opportunity of sharing the culture and history of my state, Nagaland, during the Cultural Sharing program organized by the SA in 2020 which I consider to be one of my most memorable moments at NSYSU. 

Being in a diverse setting teaches you how people from different cultures are so different from each other but in so many ways, are so alike. Studying in an international program like GHRM MBA allowed me to work and understand people from different countries and embrace their flaws alongside their perfections.

Future Plans In Taiwan
Instead of restricting my career to HR, I would rather consider an HR major to prepare the future career as a leader and manager that can be applied to the work organization. Professor Jeeyeon’s course E-Commerce and working on GHRM MBA’s social media and recruitment instilled in me a passion for analyzing data, marketing and providing results. Thanks to this, I not only acquired new knowledge and refined my skills but became certain that the marketing field was where I wanted to foray into. I consider Taiwan my second home and plan on staying here for as long as possible.

Learning a new language and culture, making friends from all across the globe, becoming a better person, and gaining a better understanding of the word-my study abroad experience at GHRM MBA Taiwan, has been life-changing.

Limaonen Longkumer

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【110-2 Event Sharing】Product Manager Workshop, Office of Career Development

On 25th April 2022, our students from the College of Management got an interesting opportunity to learn more about the career of a Product Manager (PM) at the workshop organized by the Office of Career Development. The office invited two of its outstanding Alumni from IBMBA, Johnny Chen and Patrick Liu, who are currently working as Product Managers at HP and ASUS respectively. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the students to what the job of a PM entails and what qualifications and skills are necessary. Professor Kim from the College of Management shared opening remarks and facilitated the speakers with a token of appreciation and Melody Hsu, senior student from IBMBA was the host of the event.

Group photo

Mr. Patrick opened the session and shared his experience of working as a PM with ASUS in Taiwan. He shared that the job generally revolves around the Product Development Process wherein they define or control product specifications, determine the schedule, cost, orders, marketing, and so on. It involves a lot of decision-making, collecting feedback, and communicating with various departments and external vendors. At the same time, in some companies especially small-scale businesses, the PM might be responsible for taking care of other tasks that are not being taken care of by anyone. For Junior PM, the main role would be to handle the Development stage of the Product development process, which includes having meetings for Bug reviews, marketing kick-off, and monitoring the schedule.

The skills that one needs to focus on to be successful as a PM, are Logical thinking, Time Management, and Communication or Social Skills. It is a job that requires a lot of persistent effort and time but at the same time PM gets to enjoy ownership of the product they create and be the best and first fan of the product. To conclude his sharing, Mr. Patrick shared the advertisement of the product he has worked on and encouraged students to be the best at their jobs and be proud of what they have created.

To give further insight into the job, Mr. Johnny Chen, who is currently working as a PM at HP, shared his valuable experience. He has diverse working experience with companies like ASE Group, Whetron Electronics, and ASUS. To start his sharing, Mr. Johnny shared some important tools that every PM must be familiar with. He categorized it into the Basic tools we must know, Advance tools that would be nice to have, and Premium tools that can make us shine like a pro as a PM. The basic tools that one must know, include Google docs and Office for managing Daily routine tasks and other apps like Zoom, Evernote, and OneDrive to make our life easy as a PM. The Advance tools can take us to another level and this includes tools for creating presentations like Prezi and apps for ERP Systems. And finally, the Premium Tools include Program Language tools, Data Analysis tools, and so on.

Mr Johnny interacted with the students and answered their queries and offered some tips and tricks for those hoping to become Product Managers. He emphasized having an open-minded attitude and investing time to build relationships through respect. PMs should also be passionate about what they are doing and have a curious mind to come up with creative solutions. As he has had considerable experience in applying for jobs, he also shared some tips for interview preparations that students greatly appreciated.

To conclude the event, Mr. Patrick Liu and Mr. Johnny Chen gladly answered students’ questions and took a group picture with all present.

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【Information Management】04/08 Information Session for Incoming Masters Students

In order to let incoming students know more about the Department of Information Management, the professors' research direction, and the charm of National Sun Yat-sen University, the Department held an in-person information session on April 8, 2022 as well as a live webcast.

Group photo of the event

At the beginning of the information session, Professor Fen-Hui Lin, Head of the Department Information Management, introduced the characteristics of the department and gave students some words of encouragement. Then, the professors of the department introduced their fields and specializations to let students have a better understanding of the department and of which professors they might choose for their thesis advisor.

Showing the video “NSYSU Information Management – Number 1 in the Country!”

The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Management Information Systems (MIS) course taught by Professor Tun-Ching Lin. The MIS class allows students to participate in the activities of “NSYSU Information Management – Number 1 in the Country!”. In the event, “Spread the Love of Siwan,” the activities vary each year according to the students' creative ideas. Some of the activities that have been conducted in previous years include: love hugs flash mobs, adoption drives for stray dogs, beach clean-ups and community services, etc, allowing students to take responsibility for their own role in implementing University Social Responsibility (USR).

Current Information Management students introduce the food around the school

In addition, the presentation also included a video of the NSYSU Department of Information Management’s history, as well as recommendations for good food and fun and scenic spots near NSYSU, allowing participants to gain a better understanding of both the department and National Sun Yat-sen University. Students also interacted with each other through quiz games on the “Kahoot!" educational technology and game learning platform.

An interactive game of Kahoot!

In the second half of the presentation, one or two current students from each lab were invited to the stage to give a brief introduction and lead the students on a tour of the each of the Department of Information Management’s labs. Through this, incoming students understood more about the contents of each lab as well as the research areas of the labs and professors. They also took the opportunity to ask the current students questions about the labs and graduate student life.

Current Information Management students introduce the research direction of the labs

At the end of the event, the current students also led the
new students to Sizihwan Seawall to play in the sand and experience the life of
NSYSU students. The whole event was filled with laughter, and we believe that
the incoming students went home with a lot of expectations and ideas about
their future life in graduate school after this information session.

Playing in the sand and waves at Sizihwan

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《110-2 SA》Make Money Work for You

We were honored to have Mr. Teddy H. Tsai, the chairman of Markis Capital Ltd., deliver the investment basics speech on April 1st. Held on April fool's day, we aim not to be fooled in the investment field. “Money can actually work for you.” Mr. Tsai said. Instead of being stressed because of money, investing can multiply it. In the beginning, Professor Jeeyeon Kim introduced the speaker and IBMBA 1st-year student Sapna Goyal (葛莎娜) was the host of the event.

Professor Jeeyeon Kim introduced the speaker

IBMBA 1st-year student Sapna Goyal (葛莎娜) hosted of the event.

Mr. Tsai is a professional investor with over twenty years of experience in investments, research, private equity, strategic planning/consulting, and operational management. Apart from that, he is a versatile person who joined a band in highschools (and owns a music company now), started an earlier career in marketing research, and is also a “BDI shipmaster.” He is the example of “FIRE,” which means “financial independence, retire early;” he retired at 35 when his son was born.

Mr. Tsai asked, “Why do we invest?” as a hook to trigger participants’ thinking to start the sharing. One participant considers investing as financial freedom achievement, and another thinks of it as a secure future. Mr. Tsai introduced investment concepts, tools for financial planning, financial products, and final tips and warnings to commence investment. Based on the idea of risks and returns,he said “Investing has risk; there are no ‘no loss’ investments.” However, it is not likely to invest with low risks. To lower the risk and make money work for us, we shoul better allocate resources and diversify our portfolios which stands for allocation between different investment products.

As for the time value of money, a rule of thumb ‘Rule of 72’ is applicable to estimate the time to double our money. In addition, to deal with the depreciation effects, gold is an inflation hedge that is easy to buy in Taiwan. Money will lose its value, and cars will depreciate, yet gold will not. Given that a sum of money is worth more now than the same will be at a future date, we must invest as early as possible. “Don’t overthink,” Mr.Tsai encouraged participants to invest every month consistently. The power of the average dollar will demonstrate its ability. We also conducted the test for our risk tolerance during the workshop, a tool for our financial planning. For those under 30, Mr. Tsai suggested investing as soon as possible and taking aggressive investment actions since young people can bear risks.

“The workshop helped me view the investment as a long-term strategy and clarified that we should invest quite a big part of our income monthly if we want to see significant results. I also found out that stock selection is not as important as asset allocation and regular investment. We also got to know about various assets that we can invest in and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the workshop, we were recommended to invest more aggressively when we are young and still have time to gain back the potential losses.”
— Participant feedback from Thomas Kejha (康樂思; GHRM MBA 2nd-year)

The investment workshop ends with the Kahoot game to examine how much participants learn about the investment concepts. The top three players who won the NT$100 Family Mart vouchers are Erin Ashley McCoy (穆苒苒; IBMBA 1st-year), Nick (林威修; IBMBA 1st-year), and Sunny (范友慈; IBMBA 1st-year). There were also waffles provided for every participant. It was an excellent opportunity to attend Mr. Tsai’s investment speech for new investors. “Good investing is knowing when you are wrong and learning from your mistakes.” The SA hopes that everyone acquired something from the event.

Written by Teresa Chan

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Events Information

Faculty Position Recruitment

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Career(Internships / jobs / courses)

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【CSR】Have a green Christmas 2022 with the College of Management and SDGs!

Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University
Have a green Christmas 2022 with the College of Management and SDGs!

In response to numerous global issues, such as climate change, pollution, resource depletion, wealth disparity, and food insecurity, in 2015 the United Nations announced their 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 goals to guide global efforts toward sustainability.

In order to promote the SDGs’ aim of sustainable development, NSYSU’s College of Management is adopting the theme of “Green Christmas” to encourage students to make the best use of resources by reusing seemingly worthless materials and make this year’s Christmas memorable and meaningful.

Students will design and create an original set of Christmas decorations for the College of Management, demonstrating the theme of “Green Christmas.” The design must (1) incorporate environmental protection and a low-carbon mindset to reduce the consumption of resources and energy in Christmas decorations, and (2) highlight the efforts and achievements of the students and faculty of the College of Management in SDGs in order to highlight the importance of SDGs for everyone to see.

1. Students (excluding exchange students) who are enrolled in the College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University and have official student status. Participation is limited to departments and institutes within the College of Managment but is not limited by level or nationality. Domestic, international, undergraduate, and graduate students are all welcome to form a team to enter the contest.

2. Teams of 3 to 7 students can participate. Teams may be mixed in terms of level and nationality.

Competition Regulations:
1. The competition is divided into a preliminary and a final round. All teams should first submit an application form. Reviewers will evaluate the proposals and select teams to enter the final round. Selected teams must make a presentation on the day of the final round to explain the content of their proposal. The winning team must complete the Christmas decorations for the College of Management before December 15.
※ If you need assistance with large scale equipment, please contact the event organizer.

2. Presentations may be given in Chinese or English.
3. One or more people can be on stage during the presentation.
4. Presentation time should be between 10 and 15 minutes.
5. If the content of the presentation violates academic ethics or infringes on the intellectual property rights of others, the participant will be disqualified from the competition and the award.
6. The layout includes the atriums of the new and old college of Management.
7. The upper limit of the budget for the arrangement is $10,000.

Competition timeline:Deadline for submissions: Friday, July 15, 2022

  1. Preliminary round
    1. The announcement of finalists will take place on Friday, July 29, 2022.
  2. Final round
    1. Presenations are tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 30, 2022. The exact date will be announced later. Teams entering the final round will be required to be present to explain the content of their proposal.

Evaluation Method:
1. The organizer will invite experts and scholars from within or outside the university to form a panel of judges. They will first conduct a written review of the proposals and entry forms provided by each group to select the finalists, and then choose the top three and honorable mentions on the day of the final round.

2. Evaluation Criteria:
(a.) Project content (fit with SDGs, environmental creativity, possible impact, persuasiveness): 50%
(b.) Project feasibility (including financial feasibility): 30%
(c.) Presentation design: 10%
(d.)Oral presentation skills: 10%

Competition Prizes
(1) First place: a certificate and NT$30,000
(2) Second place: a certificate and NT$20,000
(3) Third place: a certificate and $10,000
(4) Honorable mentions: a certificate

Note: The prize money does not include the cost of materials, which should be included in the proposal and will be reimbursed.
Other contestants will be awarded a certificate of participation.
※ The list of winners will be announced after the competition and will be posted on the home page of our website.
※ If the number of entries is insufficient, the number of prizes may be reduced at the discretion of the judges.

Registration and competition-related schedule:
1. Deadline for submission of the application form: 3:00pm, Friday, July 15, 2022
2. Discussion of proposal content: After receiving the application form, the organizer will discuss the proposal content with each group on Monday, July 25, 2022 and give suggestions and directions for revision.
3. Deadline for submission of presentation file: 3:00 pm, Friday, September 23, 2022 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​※ No late submission will be accepted. The file name should be: “2022 College of Management SDG Christmas Event – [Team Name]”.
4. Submissions and presentation files should be emailed to the organizer at orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw with the subject line: “2022 College of Management SDG Christmas Event – [Team Name]”.

Organizer: Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University
Contact Person: Ms. Chen orsa@cm.nsysu.edu.tw

The organizer reserves the right to confirm the final quota and make final adjustments to the content of the event.

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